The most jolly month of the year is just around the corner – December of course! This year Casa de Campo invites you to enjoy some of their finest holiday delights – from the comfort of your own home with a special holiday menu available only for Casa de Campo villa owners.

Back by popular demand is the “Cochinillio relleno de mofongo” (suckling pig stuffed with Mofongo). The mouth-watering dish consists of a roasted 12 pound piglet (perfect for 8 people), which has been stuffed with Dominican speciality dish “Mofongo.” “Mofongo” is fried, mashed plantains with pieces of pork crackling inside – absolutely delicious – you can only imagine how good this combination is!

Meanwhile an exciting new addition to this special holiday menu is the “Caja China”, an entire roast pig cooked inside a wooden box (known as a Chinese Box or a “caja china”.) This is another delicious way to cook pig, and is especially popular when served at barbecues or at buffet dinners.

Also included on the menu are; the “Turducken”, a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, which is then stuffed into a deboned turkey and stuffed once more with a meaty sausage stuffing; leg of lamb stuffed with meat and foie gras; and the Pavo Trufado, a delicious traditional roasted turkey stuffed with a meaty sausage and truffle stuffing.

See below for the delicious Casa de Campo Holiday Menu!


  • Stuffed suckling pig with Mofongo – 10 to 12 pounds/ up to 8 servings ,US$230

  • Turducken – chicken stuffed into Duck with itself stuffed into a Turkey/up to 15 servings, US$450

  • Leg of lamb stuffed with meat and foie gras/ up to 8 servings, US$230

  • Truffled Turkey – up to 8 servings, US$470

Call ext. 2095 to order.
[Orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance.]

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