Emotions during the end of the year

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It is natural that as we enter a new year, we are anxious that something new arrives that we do not know of, and it is normal for it to happen. New Year, new life, in a mixture of emotions that combine with each other. All cheerful happy, full, expressing affection, with the best dress, ready for dinner, willing to enjoy the treats, parties, lights, gifts, meetings with families and old friends is what a great night should look like, the last night of the year! A favorable time to have the perfect attitude to say goodbye to a year that ends, in which the new expectations that we hope for are revealed in our hearts:

  • A new love.
  • Finish the career
  • Change your car.
  • Marriage
  • A baby.
  • The joy of seeing the children grow.
  • Celebrating fifteen, eighteen, or the eighty years, in short, hoping for a year that will be great!

However all this can make us feel uncomfortable and lead us to sadness, because we feel that we did not make the most of the time that was given to us, and instead of thinking about what we hope to achieve we dwell on what we didn’t. We all have the right to find ourselves at this time, without letting sadness hurt our lives. Take a moment alone and analyze all the moments we have had, good and bad, find closure and return to feel fulfilled and happy.

Emotions are just that, an affective state that we experience at a certain moment, that leads us to a momentary and very personal crisis causing displeasure to the point of not being able to control it. According to experts on behavior there are several categories of emotions, of which I mention some that are basic, such as:

FEAR: Threat or danger that produces anxiety, uncertainty, insecurity, for the new thing that is coming and for some fact that marked me that I could not face it and I do not want it to be repeated. SURPRISE: The amazement, or bewilderment, that can lead me to be interested in knowing what is happening, what is coming, and what my achievements will be, forgetting what remains with us back. RAGE: anger, resentment, anger, irritability, because the year is gone, it is at its final point and there are things I should do, but I did not do it. JOY: Fun, euphoria, gratification, contentment, as a feeling of well-being, of security. “This year that ended was fabulous, the next one will be better. That is my hope and I do not change my expectations.” SORROW: Sorrow, loneliness, pessimism. The result of a difficult year that you had to face and do not know what will happen in the upcoming year.

When do emotions appear?

It is good to be aware of any emotion that may arise tonight, being aware of them on time is very important to not let them take over us, even the positive ones. Emotions lead us to secrete adrenaline, a hormone that causes euphoria, accelerates the heart and can cause unexpected situations. On this night it is important to be calm and happy, enjoy the moment, share with those who are at our side, hug them, laugh and thank them for the beautiful time together, and at the stroke of twelve we welcome the New Year 2019, saying goodbye to the old year with joy, knowing that the past was left behind and now “all things will be new”, also we should not forget “never say yesterday was better” thus expressed the wise Solomon.

The future will bring hope that will make you feel peace, giving you the opportunity to dream. “Five minutes are enough to dream a lifetime, so relative is time” he said (Mario Benedetti).

My recomendation is:
-Dream that the coming year will be full, that’s good for the soul.
-Keep good feelings, for yourself and others.
-Structure your thoughts, take out the negatives and convert them into positives.
-Manifest goodwill in everything you do.
-Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by yesterday.
-Live today, so you can enjoy tomorrow.
-Manage your emotions correctly, if you do so, you will stay full, rejuvenate, be more active than you are.

Do not let the emotions of the year that is about to end tarnish the good that the new year brings you. Receive it with joy, applaud it, and look for a better tomorrow. Happy New Year!

This article was contributed by Melen Trinidad De Morales, Therapist, Lecturer, Communicator Family producer and TV program host.

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