Duenos 2013 tennis tournament

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Duenos 2013 tennis tournamentDuring Dueños 2013, on Saturday the 23rd of November, the most active day of the Casa de Campo calendar, the Casa de Campo tennis community turned out in force to battle it out on the La Terraza tennis courts. Duenos 2013 tennis tournamentWhile all across the resort, Casa de Campo villa owners took part in a wide range of different activities (yoga, the Casathon, shooting, a food exhibition by Mamma Egi, polo and golf), from 9am the Dueños 2013 tennis tournament took place. The tournament was played as a round robin, so that every player, played every other player in his/her group and the winners were determined at the end. The competition was divided into 4 categories: juniors, male, while the adults played doubles, male and female. Expertly organized by Casa de Campo director of tennis Emilio Vasquez, with the help of his excellent team the event was a great success. Click here to see coverage of all the other Dueños 2013 events! Duenos 2013 tennis tournament Below, you can see the results of the various categories:

Casa de Campo Dueños 2013: Tennis Tournament

Adults – Male

Champion: Alberto Jimenez and Peter Laschuk Sub-Champion: Victor Padua and Alfredo Musacchio

Adults – Female 

Champions: Juliette Donato and Magdalena García Sub-Champions: Ceta Harounian and Mirtha de la Cruz

Juniors – Male

Champion: Charlie Díaz Donato Sub-Champion: Huascar Chestaro 3rd place: Kimetz de Iribar

Juniors – Female

Champion: Julieta Cuyar Sub-Champion: María Mella 3rd place: María del Toro

The following collection of photos were taken during the Dueños 2013 tennis tournament at La Terraza Tennis Club in Casa de Campo: