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On Saturday February 8th, Fernando Varela will celebrate the opening of a new art exhibition in his gallery “Espacio 7”, located in the Marina Casa de Campo.

On this occasion Fernando Varela invites you to celebrate the opening with a cocktail reception at the gallery, when you will have the opportunity to admire his most recent works; drawings, paintings and sculptures of the series “Forma y Vacio”.

“The signs that Varela creates allows his paintings to go further than mere words or text could do in approaching the mysteries of life. And considering the perennial condition of being. His works can conjure things through signs that link to all that was and still is in the present. Painting is a more and immediate and direct method of communication for expressing his inner voices and searching for meaning in life, The Raison d’etre.”

— Carol Damian, Chief Curator of Frost Museum in Miami

Fernando Varela is considered to be one of the Dominican Republic’s most internationally successful artists. Famous for his contemporary paintings, the artworks of Fernando Varela form part of important art collections both nationally and internationally, and are especially popular among Casa de Campo villa owners.

In recent times we have enjoyed a number of different exhibitions by Fernando Varela in the Marina Casa de Campo, most recently in August last year, Fernando Varela celebrated the opening of his gallery “Espacio 7” with a cocktail co-hosted by CasaLife magazine. Click here for photos. 

Opening of “Forma y Vacio” by Fernando Varela 

When: Saturday February 8th, 6pm

Where: Jardin #20 Gallery “Espacio 7”, in the Marina Casa de Campo, next door to Progreso Bank

Contact: (809) 951-1846