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Discovering the “Artists-In-Residence” exhibit through the eyes of its creators!

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art Saba FarhoudniaThe exhibit “Artists-In-Residence 2013” officially opened on Thursday the 4th of April at The Gallery in Altos de Chavón and will be closing very soon on Monday April 29th – making NOW a great time to discover the exhibit through the eyes of its multi-cultural artists!

The “Artists-In-Residence 2013” exhibit is presented by 4 very different artists from very different backgrounds; Maria Batlle from the Dominican Republic, Duncan Tonatiuh from Mexico, Altos de Chavón graduate Mildor Chevalier from Haiti and his wife, Saba Farhoudnia from Iran. The “Artists-In-Residence” program ran by the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design emphasizes the importance of cultural exchange in the art world, something which is extremely beneficial for the student’s education.

So let’s get to know the artists and their art…

The Muse Seek Project by Maria Batlle

maria batlle

The Muse Seek Project combines music (produced and played by herself) and poetry – with her paintings. The poetry written by Miriam León, the mother of Casa de Campo villa owner José Calzada León is not only read over Maria’s music (which we could listen to at the opening), but also acted as Maria’s inspiration for each painting.

I’ve named my technique: Tsunami. Through a series of spills and waves of water, the organic forms that shape my paintings are created. These little Tsunamis take over the whole canvas, destroying and creating. This is about romance. The poems of my unique dear friend Miriam León are utterly romantic and they are the inspiration for The Muse Seek Project.

 — Maria Batlle

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Duncan Tonatiuh

Duncan Tonatiuh

My works are inspired by the aesthetics of pre-Hispanic art. 

For two of my pieces I worked with the Altos de Chavón Regional Archeology Muesum – useing stamp designs that are in the museum. The Tainos used them to decorate their bodies. I reinterpreted these stamps to illustrate Taino mythology, such as the creation of the sea and the origin of women.

My pieces are silkscreens printed in silkscreen workshop in Altos de Chavón. My other works in the exhibition are inspired by my mother – dancing, playing ball and reading. Mainly I devote myself to writing and illustrating children’s books.

— Duncan Tonatiuh

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Saba Farhoudnia

art saba farhoudnia

Sometimes animals behaves or try to behave like human and verse-versa. To me, this is a challenge. Sad or hopeful. Through my work, I want to convey that challenge regardless of gender and identity.

Recently, I started included the Persian Alfphabet (my mother tongue) to my imagery. The alphabets are Hafez’s lyrics (Hafez is an illustrious Iranian poet of the fourteenth century). I use them because I believe that words have energies and that energies add more to the viewer’s interpretation.

— Saba Farhoudnia 

Mildor Chevalier

mildor chevalier

 It’s all about infinite possibilities in a common consciousness – BEING.

In this new series, I’m exposing and sharing my recent experiences to awake the viewer’s imagination and contribute to their awareness. Over the last three years, I have enjoyed many different multicultural explorations (North-American, Asia and the Middle East). This has inspired me to approach individuals in a global context.

— Mildor Chevalier

Remember this great exhibit closes on Monday April 29th – so go see it TODAY!

April 4th 2013: A combination of cultures at the opening of the new “Artists-In-Residence” exhibit

OnThursday the 4th of April 2013, the Spring 2013 “Artists-In-Residence” art exhibit was opened to the public at The Gallery in Altos de Chavón. An exhibit presented by 4 very different artists from very different backgrounds – the result was remarkable.

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