Casa de Campo Spa Water Sanctuary

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Casa de Campo Spa Water Sanctuary I often get caught up in a whirlwind of work and forget that although work for me is fun, my mind, body and spirit need some TLC (tender loving care). In my search for the right balance between work and healthy living, I got in touch with Kyra Montagu, from the Casa de Campo Spa, to get her advice on what kind of treatment I should try in order to jump start my path onto a more balanced and healthier routine. She recommended a visit to the Spa and to try a Detox Spa Package which included a bunch of treatments that, together, were just what I needed! You see, lately I’ve heard so many friends tell me that they prefer having a masseuse treat them in the privacy of their own home rather than visiting a spa… and while this may certainly be a worthwhile alternative, the experience I had at the Casa de Campo Spa was incomparable. My half-day visit was so much more than the massage, which in itself was in a league of its own. As I walked in the door of the Casa de Campo Spa, located right by the Hotel Lobby and Main Pool, I was greeted by the lovely concierge assistants and Donatella, Spa Manager, who received me with a lovely pot of tea and a Detox Tonic Juice/Shot. As I was a little hesitant with the consistency of the Detox Tonic, Donatella reassured me that the concoction of aloe, pepper, ginger, honey and lime was good for me and the perfect way to get my Detox started. To be perfectly honest, although the “pulpy” consistency was weird at first, I found it quiet delicious and was left wanting more! Detox Tonic Casa de Campo SpaAs part of the Detox Package, Casa de Campo Spa clients get access to a private suite complete with a sauna, steam room, open showers, bathroom, and an outdoor patio with lounge chairs and a hot/cold pool (also known as the “Water Sanctuary”). I mean, I knew I lived in paradise, but walking in there I thought I was in heaven! To continue the Detox Treatment I was instructed to enjoy what I want to refer to as the “Heavenly Room” in a specific order. First, guests are encouraged to sit in a prepared Hip Bath for 15 minutes. A Hip Bath is a small tub which is only intended for submerging the hips of the bather, who sits upright, as though in a chair. The therapeutic bath, is supposed to promote healthy circulation and stimulate the digestive tract. Up next, you step in the Sauna Room for 15 minutes (you can take breaks and shower in 5 minute intervals in the Sauna), before heading out to the Water Sanctuary for another 15-20 minutes. The Water Sanctuary is also intended to promote circulation and consists of a VERY COLD and VERY HOT pool one right next to the other. You are encouraged to spend a minute in the (almost ice) cold water and then spend about 3 minutes in the hot pool. While it is very difficult to entice yourself to step out of the lovely hot pool and into the cold pool… I decided to suck it up and try it! I was only able to get my toes in the water on my first attempt, but soon enough I found myself up to my neck in the freezing cold water. Trust me, it was A-MAZING! You feel so relaxed and there is something about feeling your blood circulating through your body that has an incredible calming effect. Casa de Campo Spa Mud Cleanse Before you know it, the Spa Concierge calls your suite to let you know that your masseuse is on her way and away you go to the massage room next door. My treatment continued with a Mud Cleanse with mud from Boca de Chavón – it’s LOCAL mud with nothing synthetic or artificial about it! My therapist slathered mud everywhere and wrapped me up in a blanket like a cocoon for a while. As strange as it may sound, the mud felt very cool and refreshing. After scrubbing away all the mud, you then get a 60 minute Ayurvedic Massage which has absolutely no comparison! This is not the regular massage you get at your villa ladies and gentlemen… it’s a massage that mostly resembles some sort of medical treatment with reflexology and all. If you have never tried one before I encourage you to go and try one IMMEDIATELY. I know you will be thanking me later! The Detox Package also includes a Herbal Colon Cleanse and an organic fresh juice. Mine was made out of beets, celery, lime, pineapple, cucumbers, and greens… and is now one of the nutritious treats I purchase from the Casa de Campo Spa every once in a while. Colon Cleanse  fresh juice With juice in hand, I headed out of the Spa feeling like I was a new person and anxious to try out all of the other services that the Casa de Campo Spa has available. Fortunately for us, the Spa has a 40% discount off of all its Spa Services until September 30th!!! Be sure to take a look at the different Spa Menus in the images below to choose your experience and call the Spa to book your appointment. There is absolutely no excuse for you not to treat yourself to some TLC as well.