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Today is Cultural Identity and Diversity Day

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aldea culturalAlso known as Columbus Day in the United States, today Hispanic nations celebrate the diversity of races and cultures found in their countries.

rio salaoWhile it isn’t a holiday in the “you get a day off work” sense, Dominican Cultural Identity and Diversity Day is nonetheless important – considering all of the cultural blends that have been involved in creating the races and cultures we see today in the Dominican Republic, with races that blend the people of Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean isles, and a culture bred from worldwide influences.

In the Dominican Republic the day is named both Cultural Identity and Diversity Day and Day of the Encounter of Two Cultures, and we tend to celebrate our Taíno heritage, honoring the indigenous peoples of the island of Hispaniola. We here at Casa de Campo especially have a lot of thanks to give for the marvelous blend of traditions that creates the Dominican culture.

If you’re wondering about how the Dominican Republic came to have such a diverse mixture of cultures, click here to read a brief history of the Dominican Republic! 

Happy Dominican Cultural Identity and Diversity Day!

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