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Claudio’s Tips for Casa’s Gents: Cufflinks, a tie’s best friend

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Cufflinks_ties_claudio_tips_2Remember not to use monochromatic color combinations with your shirts and ties! Yes, that was our tip from last week’s publication and we hope this advice has been helpful to you, so here we are once again to bring you more Claudio’s Tips for Casa Gents.

Maybe you have noticed a very common phrase in each of the articles we have published so far, “small details when dressing can do great things”… and continuing with small things our tip for today has to do with the combining cufflinks and ties.

As accessories which add distinction and elegance, cufflinks are often used for formal occasions such as weddings, graduations and executive meetings, but when we combine our ties and cufflinks it is like the perfect combination between the sand and the sea.

“Today’s tips is really simple, cufflinks are essential accessories for very formal occasions and to get the best of our outfit we must know how to combine these cuties with our ties.” Says Claudio.

So how to do it with style and elegance?

1. Go simple.

Plain silver or gold cufflinks go well with any tie – so if in doubt choose gold or silver for your cufflinks and you’re set!

2. Simple color combinations

Most people have more cufflinks than ties, so the easiest way to color combine the two is to first choose your cufflinks and then choose your tie. If you choose cufflinks that are not plain gold or silver, but instead have a dominant color – green for example – then choose a tie that also has green in it. If on the other hand your cufflinks have more than one color – just choose one of those colors and find a tie with that one color.

Take a look at these examples:



And remember – monochromatic tie/shirt combinations are OUT!

As we mentioned last week (click here to read the full article), you should not choose a shirt and tie which are matching colors. So once you select your cufflinks and tie choose a complimentary shirt- but not one that is the same color!

Claudio-Marte-Angel-VargasClaudio’s Tips for Casa Gents

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