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Crema Pastelería boasts La Romana’s BEST ribs!


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ribsIt may seem rather odd that one of our favorite places to eat in La Romana and in fact the entire Dominican Republic is a bakery, but it’s true. Crema Pastelería, which is most famous for it’s sweet treats, is where we LOVE (no exaggeration) to eat savoury food – normally, salads and occasionally the ribs.

Since Crema started serving savoury food back in September 2012, it has gotten progressively better and better… although the quality of the food has been high and incredibly delicious from the beginning, Chef William has continued to innovate by expanding the menu with wonderfully different dishes.

Crema pasteleria

As well as all their delicious cakes (we love the “tres leches”) they also now have quiet possibly the biggest selection of salads in the country, freshly made soups, sandwiches and… RIBS! And while everything is good, the ribs are quite literally “finger-licking good”! The meat is tender, sweet and flavorful and the marinade is delicious… and as we’ve eaten them rather frequently we can promise that they are ALWAYS that good!

souvlaki salad

On those days when we’re trying to be healthy, Crema’s salads are perfect. They are so well thought out, so masterfully crafted by expert Chef William that even a healthy salad feels like a treat.

Our favorite Crema salad is the… Souvlaki salad (RD$300). This Souvlaki salad is amazing! Bursting with flavor, a green salad served with a white dressing, capers, onions, baby tomatoes, peppers and more sits on a flatbread and is topped by your choice of grilled lamb or chicken skewers. Delicious!

While another relatively healthy option and equally yummy is the Falafel Sandwich (RD$190). Its a light bite, but packed with flavor. Served in a pita bread, stuffed with 2 falafel, salad and a creamy parsley sauce.

While we’re creatures of habit and love to eat those 3 principal dishes over and over again, we can also recommend the “anticucho” salad(with beef, corn, black beans and guacamole) and the “Asian chicken” salad (with mixed greens, almonds and orange dressing), as well as all the desserts (not found one we don’t love yet), the croquetas and all the breakfast options. We’re also big fans of their French bread baguettes – to take away and eat later!

And one last things that’s awesome about Crema – they make cakes to order… for birthdays and all special occasions!

So my friends if you have not yet dined at Crema Pastelería in La Romana you are most definitely missing out. 

Crema Pasteleria

Where: #61 Francisco Richiez, La Romana

Opening times:

  • Tuesdays – Saturdays, 7:30am – 9pm
  • Sundays, 7:30am – 5pm
  • Closed Mondays

Tel: (809) 813-2103

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