Chinois La Romana

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Have you heard the good news? Chinois reopened last month! Since I am very new to Casa de Campo, it was my first dinner there. I am a big lover of Asian cuisine and was very much looking forward to it.

I went for a dinner with group of friends including two teenagers. Chinois was easy to find and looks very authentic, incorporating gorgeous and vibrant tones of red and gold. We had a wonderful time. The place has a spacious terrace and air-conditioned dining room.  Menu has wide selection of classical Chinese dishes including appetizers, soups, and salads; plus a sizable sushi section!

Chinois La Romana

Our table ordered several dishes that we could all share and included many delicious items from their menu. We indulged in pork with peanuts and mushroom in oyster sauce, sweet and sour pork with pineapple, stewed chicken and broccoli with soy, dumplings stuffed with pumpkin and ginger, as well as seafood, spring rolls and two portions of fried rice! The table was breaking under all this food!

Chinois La Romana

We were amazed, everything was fresh and up to standard. Since I lived in Asia for quite a while I am a rather harsh critic when it comes to Asian cuisine, and I can tell you I was impressed! We had finished literally everything, no leftovers! Chinois is a family owned restaurant and it feels just that. The night I was dining, Susana, the matriarch of the family, was around attending to guest. She made everyone feel so much at home and part of community! It was lovely. I liked it is so much that I went for lunch very soon after.

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Where: Calle Duarte, Restauración Street Corner, La Romana

Hours: 12pm – 11pm (open for lunch and dinner)

Tel: (809) 550-5977 , (809) 307-2729