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Chavoneros Stories: The “Caribbean Pop Art” of Wali Vidal

Wali Vidal

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Wali VidalSelf-styled “Caribbean Pop Artist” Wali Vidal, featured in the “Hall of Winners” exhibit, spoke to Casa de Campo Living about his unique art style, as well as his experiences at the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design.

The prestigious Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design, located in Altos de Chavón, Casa de Campo, has educated many recognized international and Dominican artists since its inception in 1983, such as Grimaldy Polanco, Jenny Polanco, and Fernando Tamburini. Thanks to the impressive works undertaken by its graduates and the excellent curriculum of the School, this academy is known and recognized as a name in top quality artistic scholarship all over the world.

As a continuation of our “Chavoneros Stories” series, today we present Wali Vidal, a self-titled “Caribbean pop artist” who entered the School in 2008, and whose art is now being proudly displayed as part of the “Hall of Winners” exhibit in the Altos de Chavón Main Gallery, a presentation of specially chosen alums of the School whose work will then be displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo after by the end of the exhibit.

@cdcliving: When did you first come to Chavón and why did you decide to study here?

I enrolled at Chavón in 2008, choosing to study there to formalize my career as an artist.

Wali Vidal@cdcliving: How would you describe your experience in the School?

I was a sponge, and the Altos de Chavón School a bathtub of liquid artistic knowledge that I happily soaked up.

@cdcliving: What is your biggest inspiration in your artwork?

My biggest inspiration in my works are the more simple and every-day aspects of life, taken into the medium of paint, mutated into something else, two-dimensional and full of color, light and shapes.

@cdcliving: What artist do you most admire and identify yourself with?


@cdcliving: What are your plans for the future?

To go on creating new moments; to go on continue capturing the simple and the every-day; to go on…

@cdcliving: How does it feel to have your work showcased in the Hall of Winners?

It’s always a great experience to share and exhibit art with other artists, and this time I get to do so with schoolmates from my alma mater.

@cdcliving: At what age did you discover your passion for the arts? What did you create at first?

I decided to be an artist when I was seventeen. I began participating in art contests for young people creating surrealist art based on images in nature.

@cdcliving: How has your art evolved since you came into the School? Has it changed your manner of seeing things?

I believe that art is more than an evolution; it’s a forever continuing line. Yes, I changed my style a lot as well as my manner of seeing the arts and understanding myself as an artist.

Raul Miyar, Wali Vidal

@cdcliving: Which painting are you most proud of? Why?

“La Escolta”, because it was my first prize in a national art biennale, and because I got to capture the city’s problems in a simple, but personal way.

@cdcliving: Is artistic prowess something that runs in your family are have you been the first one in taking that path?

Mi grandfather, Joaquín Vidal, was a singer, part of a bolero trio. My dad, Joaquín Alejandro Vidal, was also a singer. My brother, Joan Vidal, is a painter, as well as two of my cousins, Amalfi Díaz and Eusebio Vidal.

@cdcliving: How would you describe your style?

“Caribbean Pop Art.”

Wadi Vidal Artwork

@cdcliving: What was your inspiration for the pieces currently hung in the Hall of Winners Exhibit? 

Dominican folklore, identity and culture.

@cdcliving: What would you say is the underlying message in these pieces?

My works are a picturesque registry of the popular and everyday aspects of the Dominican identity.

“Hall of Winners” art exhibit

When: Thursday, June 12th – Tuesday, June 24th (The gallery does not open on Wednesdays)

Where: Altos de Chavón Main Gallery

Contact: (809)523-8470

Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design

The Altos de Chavón Cultural Center Foundation is a U.S. not-for- profit public charity that has a cultural and educational mission here in the Dominican Republic. The school is on a university level and offers an associate degree, with many students continuing on to Parsons School of Design (now called The Parsons New School For Design) in NY. Founded in 1983 to meet the growing commercial demands of the Dominican Republic, the School of Design offers an intensive two-year program leading to the degree of Associate in Applied Science.

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