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Central Romana celebrates successful end to milling season

Sugar Cane

Sugar CaneThe Central Romana Corporation has finished its 2013-2014 milling season, with whopping numbers to boot!

Specifically, the Central Romana mill has announced that over 3.2 million short tons of sugarcane were processed during the milling season. From that sugarcane, 20 million gallons of molasses and exactly 180,213 short tons of actual, refined sugar were produced. For those of us who aren’t familiar with the term “short ton”, our good friend Google is here to help, explaining that its a term used to refer to a weight equal to 2,000 pounds. While their production of sugar wasn’t quite at the level as their record-breaking 2011-2012 numbers, the number is still a massive amount of sugar!

It’s customary for the Central Romana to give out bonuses at the end of the milling season, and this year was no exception, with 670 million pesos having been given out in bonuses – 330 million of which were given to cutters and other agricultural employees.

The biggest employer and beneficiary in the La Romana region, providing aid to foundations such as Hogar del Niño, the Fundacion MIR and the Orfanato Ninos de Cristo, a good year for the Central Romana isn’t just good news for them, but for all the people of the La Romana region.

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