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Celebrities in Casa: Vin Diesel and Raúl de Molina come to Casa de Campo for some well deserved downtime

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Everyone loves Casa de Campo – the people who live here, the ‘capitaleños’ who weekend here, the tourists who vacation here, and the numerous celebrities who come here to escape! What’s not to love? We have world-renowned golf courses designed by the legendary Pete Dye, the largest tennis center in the Caribbean with 13 immaculate fast-dry Har-Tru tennis courts, a beautiful beach, a beautiful Marina, and a wonderful community!

As one of Casa de Campo’s most famous regular visitors, it is always a pleasure to hear that Vin Diesel has been spotted enjoying his time at the resort. It is no secret that the famous American actor and filmmaker loves Casa de Campo… so what did he get up to? And while we don’t have much of an insight into the “Fast and the Furious” protagonist’s daily comings and goings, it’s probably safe to say that Minitas Beach is one of his favorite hang-outs in Casa de Campo – at least that’s where we always seem to spot him. Click here to out these photos of Vin Diesel at Minitas Beach in Casa de Campo taken over the last few years, and here for all the other times he’s been spotted in our piece of paradise!

Another celebrity spotted this weekend in Casa de Campo was “El Gordo” Raúl de Molina. Thanks to the modern miracle that is “social media”, we have a pretty good idea of what he has done – and some really awesome photos to prove it! 

So what has Raúl de Molina done in Casa de Campo?

Relaxed at the pool 

Went to Minitas and ate at Minitas Beach Club

Enjoyed everything Casa de Campo has to offer!


Click here to visit his Instagram page and see what else Raúl de Molina’s been up to in Casa de Campo!

* Image of Vin Diesel is of previous visit

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