Vin Diesel enjoys “The Season” in Casa de Campo

Vin Diesel Minitas Beach

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Vin Diesel Minitas Beach
Famous American actor and filmmaker just spent more than a month in Casa de Campo… so what did he get up to? And while we don’t have much of an insight into his daily comings and goings, thanks to the modern miracle that is “social media”, we have a pretty good idea – and some really awesome photos to prove it!

So what did Vin Diesel do in Casa de Campo?

1. Hung out with beautiful women at the beach

Vin Diesel Minitas Beach 3
(Image by Vin Diesel on Facebook)

2. Posed for photos with fans

Vin Diesel Casa de Campo
(Image by Vin Diesel on Facebook)

3. Played with his jetski and kayak at Minitas Beach

Vin Diesel Casa de Campo Minitas Beach
(Image by Vin Diesel on Facebook)

4. Partied with us at some of the biggest and best holiday events

Vin Diesel Casa de Campo 2
(Image by @heidinesbakken on Instagram)

5. Partied it up in Palmilla

(Image by@michelaliagi on Instagram)

6. Attended a swanky white and gold party

(Image by @dbunster1 on Instagram)

Well, well, well… there is certainly no denying that Vin Diesel has an awesome time this holiday season in Casa de Campo – we hope to see you again very soon!

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