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Celebrating a Christmas Café de la Leche with Mrs. Xiomara Menéndez

Café de la Leche

The setting of Mrs. Xiomara Menéndez’s Bahía Minitas villa could not have been more picturesque for this past December edition of Café de la Leche. The founder of the Hogar del Niño charity, which celebrated its 40th anniversary earlier this year, brought a welcoming holiday spirit into every corner of her exquisite home.

Café de la Leche

Tables were filled with nativity scenes, and the home’s elegant décor gleamed with the addition of delicate, beaded candles. Those in attendance dropped off many gifts of toys and candies to the children of La Romana before signing their names in the event’s guest book using a quill pen. Ladies wore lovely shades of burgundy and red, and even tropical florals, appropriate for Christmas in the Caribbean.

Café de la Leche

Towers of appetizers and treats in the shape of Christmas trees were as delicious as expertly crafted, and chocolate pudding and key lime pie excited our tastebuds. We toasted with glasses of eggnog and cocktails to a wonderful end to 2016 as the sun set in the distance of Xiomara’s beautiful backyard that looked onto the sea. We were happy to have seen the efforts of the Patronato Benéficio Oriental flourish over this past year, and look forward to another excellent year in 2017!

Café de la Leche

Merry Christmas and thank you to all who attended this Café de la Leche and helped spread the joy and Christmas cheer to the Hogar del Niño’s little ones!

Café de la Leche

The following gallery of photos were taken by Bryan de la Cruz on Friday, December 9th at the Christmas Café de la Leche 2016:

An inspiring tour of the Hogar del Niño with Mrs. Phyllis Berney

Hogar del Niño tour

Earlier this year, the Patronato Benéficio Oriental celebrated its 40th anniversary having first began in 1976 when a group of women came together to help the children of La Romana. Mrs. Phyllis Berney, chief fundraiser and longtime supporter of the charity, gives Casa de Campo Living an insider’s tour of the Hogar del Niño. Read more here!

The Hogar del Niño
hogar del nino The Hogar del Niño is a children’s daycare and educational center for over 1500 children, located in La Romana town, just outside of Casa de Campo. Children from as young as just a few weeks old up to 18 years old are cared for and educated daily, from as early as 5:30am and staying as late as 7pm.

The organization also provides special schooling to over 75 hearing impaired and blind children, as well as a vocational school where over 235 students receive classes in different areas like: sewing; industrial preparation, installation and electrical maintenance; plumbing and management of computer office programs.

Contact the Hogar del Niño on:
Tel:(809) 523-8901 or (809) 556-3181
Email:[email protected]

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