Minitas Beach Club

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Next week, Monday, July 4th, is American Independence Day, so why not celebrate at Casa de Campo! While it’s not a holiday that is 100% celebrated in the Dominican Republic, Casa de Campo has become “home” to many American families that come to this island country to live or vacation. But our Casa Americans are no less patriotic than those in the “mainland”, and when the 4th of July, or American Independence Day, comes around, Casa de Campo gets festive as well!

The 4th of July is often filled with parades, barbecues, fireworks, watermelons, hot dog eating contests, trips to the beach, and impromptu baseball games. Families, friends, and neighbors often get together to enjoy scarfing down good food, talking, and lighting off colorful fireworks.

Given that our Casa de Campo community is always excited about celebrating with a great party, we encourage you to not miss any of the activities that Casa de Campo has prepared for next weekend starting on Friday, July 1st until Monday, July 4th!



Once the sun sets on Friday, it’s time to play! Night golf is back! Located on the Teeth of the Dog Practice Facility, this activity for the whole family promotes a relaxed and fun environment. Who would have thought hitting balls at the practice range could be so cool after dark?! With the added bonus of great food, drinks, and music this will be one of those experiences you don’t easily forget!

Where: Teeth of the Dog Driving Range
Time: 7 pm



Did you miss the last Altos de Chavón Farmers Market? In this special 4th of July edition, local vendors will once again come together to offer an array of fresh produce, herbs, spices, flowers, and even baked goods! Here you will also find a beautiful selection of pieces made at our local artisan shops, as well as exclusive Farmer’s Market merchandise crafted right here in Altos de Chavón. Find more info here

Where: Garden in front of Genesis Altos de Chavón
Time:  10am – 5 pm


Upcycling different objects and turning them into play resources has huge benefits for the planet, as well as your child’s learning. This workshop for kids from 5 to 12 years old will enhance their ability to think imaginatively and see solutions, as well as bring a sense of adventure and excitement to their playtime. 

Where: WAO Chavón
Time: 3 – 6 pm, limited spots!


The first edition of the Altos de Chavón Classic Car Exhibit will take place next Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd, July 2022. This will be an exceptional exhibition of classic cars which will feature the award-winning German sports car brand Porsche with years of history, allowing visitors to appreciate the particular styles and classic pieces of each model. Find out more info here!

Where: Altos de Chavón Parking lot in front of the fountain
Time: starting at 9:00 AM

Sunday, JULY 3rd

Petting Zoo

On Sunday make sure you can take the kids to the Equestrian Center so they can meet and interact with the animals in the “Mini Petting Zoo”. Once there, they can also spend time with our dear first-time pony retiree, Miguelito. As an extra treat, there will be a popcorn candy cotton station, caramel apples, and a Yun Yun station with soft drinks.

Where: Dude Ranch
Time: 10 am – 12pm


If you’re interested in luxury cars or are thinking about purchasing a new car soon next weekend is a great time to head over to Altos de Chavón and take an oogle at these beautiful vehicles. Visitors will be able to appreciate the evolution of the brand through the decades in the exclusive car exhibit and family atmosphere of Altos de Chavón, where there will also be live music, food tastings, and an art exhibition in honor of the Porsche brand.  Find out more info here!

Where: Altos de Chavón Parking lot in front of the fountain
Time: starting at 9:00 AM

Live music at La Caña Bar

Casa de Campo invites you to enjoy an evening of live music and dancing at La Caña Restaurant. Enjoy 80´s and 90´s pop rock american rhythms, an array of good bites, and signature drinks from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Monday, JULY 4th

Red, white and blue cart parade, 5 pm starting at the hotel lobby

It’s time to once again dress up your carts! Decorating your golf cart for the Red, white and blue cart parade is a great way to celebrate a holiday or a special event. Since golf carts are a preferred method of getting around the resort, a golf cart parade perfectly fits the atmosphere.

Be part of this fun Cart Decorating activity where the whole family can brainstorm creative ideas. There will be prizes for the best ones and lots of fun!

The parade will start at 5 pm from the hotel’s main lobby and will end at Minitas Beach. The Red, white and blue cart parade is a spectacle you won’t want to miss! We look forward to seeing you and your golf carts!

The picture below was taken by Ana Pereyra during the Dominican Independence Day parade back in 2020, just to give you some ideas of what you can do with the red, white, and blue theme! 

Beach BBQ and fireworks at Minitas Beach Club with Live music (6 pm – 9:30 pm)

Of course, you can’t celebrate Independence Day without a fireworks show and BBQ! To finish off a wonderful weekend of celebration, head to Minitas Beach Club right after the Red, white, and blue cart parade with your family, friends, and neighbors for a delicious BBQ, Caramel popcorn, candy cotton, milkshakes, a special menu at the restaurant Minitas Beach Club and get ready to see the night sky light up. It will fascinate kids and grown-ups alike!

This is going to be a fabulous weekend! We hope to see you all here!