Altos de Chavon

Casa de Campo photos of the week: Flamboyant & the Altos de Chavón amphitheater

flamboyant altos de chavon

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flamboyant altos de chavonI am willing to admit that I am currently a little bit obsessed with the Flamboyant trees……..I don’t know whether this year they are even more beautiful than normal in Casa de Campo or if it’s just that I’m noticing them more, either way – they are just so beautiful!

flamboyant altos de chavon

So these photos were taken on a recent “Flamboyant” photo-taking excursion I took around Altos de Chavón, in search of beautiful photos to include in our 2nd issue of our new magazine TODO Casa de Campo, which we have just finished (arriving to Casa de Campo soon), and which does actually include some VERY stunning photography of Flamboyant trees – much nicer than these in fact!

altos de chavon

So whilst you’re going to have to wait until you get your copy of the TODO Casa de Campo magazine to see my favorite Flamboyant photos (taken on the Teeth of the Dog) – I thought you might enjoy this one taken from behind the Altos de Chavón amphitheater, a spot rarely visited, but well worth a stroll at this time of year. I also rather enjoyed admiring (and photographing of course) the unusual columns which stand majestically atop of the hill directly behind the amphitheater – bazar but beautiful (pictured right).

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