altos de chavon

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altos de chavon

In this week’s “Casa de Campo photo of the week” we reveal one of Altos de Chavón’s best kept secrets – a fantastic place to enjoy a beer or even a picnic!

Can you see them? The couple sitting overlooking the spectacular Chavón river whilst enjoying a private picnic? In between the 2 buildings precariously perched on the cliff’s edge in Altos de Chavón there is a small terrace where you can sit and watch the circling birds, boats on the river and feel the breeze in your hair.

And as the ledge is a little bit hidden (but not too much – just explore in between the 2 buildings) it’s almost always deserted – although maybe now it won’t be……

After the “Dye Fore Terrace” the bar/restaurant for the Dye Fore golf course, which overlooks the Chavón river and the Dye Fore, this hidden ledge has to be one of my favorite spots in the whole Casa de Campo resort.

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