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Casa de Campo Photo of the Week by Paola: Return to my lovely home town, La Romana

minitas beach casa de campo

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minitas beach casa de campo

I suddenly realized how many years have passed since my last visit to this unique place in La Romana in Casa de Campo… not really something to be really proud of. It was nice remembering the good old times and this amazing sunset at Minitas Beach was definitely a view to remember!

I’m absolutely convinced that since i graduated from school 5 years ago (shhhh!) and moved to Santo Domingo to study Broadcast Communications, I did not have a single chance to come back to enjoy this particular Paradise. I know, unbelievable!!

This picture was taken in October 2011, when I finally settled back in my lovely hometown, and of course, going to Minitas Beach was certainly the first thing I did! It was the perfect day to relax and do some catching up with my good friend Yenddy Brito since 10am through to 6pm and after spending a great day at the quiet and peaceful Minitas Beach, a place where i shared unforgettable moments of my childhood with my classmates and family, it was time to leave… but as I walked out of Minitas, I couldn’t stop staring at this spectacular sunset, so I went back and took the photo and here it is!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

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