Casa de Campo Lighting Project

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Casa de Campo Lighting Project

If you’ve driven around the resort lately, and especially at night, you may have noticed Casa de Campo’s improved lighting. Within Costasur’s plan for the resort going-green, being energy efficient and sustainable, the management and development team tackle the lighting project with finesse. Already half of the resort has been installed with new lighting and phase 2 of operations will commence soon.

So what’s going on?

Casa de Campo Lighting Project
Costasur’s new “Retro fit” LED bulb

85% of the main streets and two sectors of Casa de Campo, Cerezas and Vivero II, have received new LED bulbs for roadside lighting. Once all main streets are completed, each sector will be updated as well. Costasur says orders for more bulbs have been placed and all should be completed by Fall.

What makes the LED bulbs so cool?

They offer improved color, luminosity (the apparent clearness in the dark), and color-rendering (the accuracy of an object’s “true color” in a given light source), as well as a superior reduction in carbon-emissions. When you’re driving down the road you won’t be disturbed by any overwhelmingly bright lights (apart from when drivers leave on their brights… ahem); these bulbs produce warm hues that are attractive to the nature of Casa de Campo— while still being extremely high-tech.

They are certainly not your normal bulb. Circular in design, a heat diffuser concentrates heat to the center of the bulb and actually expels it from the bottom! This is great for the resort’s year-round warm weather and especially abnormally hot months. The LED bulbs are also waterproof and reject bugs and dust. Plus, a COB (chip-on-board) technology increases lighting and reduces glare by packaging multiple LED chips together.

Another factor that makes these bulbs ideal for Casa de Campo is their “retro fit”. Without having to purchase new lamps for the LED bulbs, Costasur saved money, provided a better quality investment, and kept the look and feel of the resort that we’re all used to. Maintaining the setting’s charming atmosphere and “DNA of the resort” is always taken into consideration.

Casa de Campo Lighting Project
Casa de Campo’s old lighting (left) and new LED lighting (right) can be seen together in the image above.

If that weren’t enough, a 50,000 hour lifespan makes Costasur’s choice in new LED lighting the envy of all other bulbs! These latest generation bulbs are in line with the resort’s commitment to sustainability. Juan Velázquez, Administrative Vice-President of Costasur, says: “Once all LED roadside illumination is completed it will have a positive impact in our carbon footprint, generating a savings of 75% energy use and 9,500 tons of CO² emissions per year.”

Lighting is one of many measures Costasur is taking to improve technology and sustainability within the resort, which we all happily welcome! Plans for rolling out new public transportation are also well-underway… so stay tuned to learn more!