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Casa de Campo Living Reviews: Dinner aboard the Costa Luminosa

dinner costa luminosa

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dinner costa luminosaFor Casa de Campo villa owners looking for somewhere different to dine, the “Costa Luminosa” restaurant aboard the cruise ship of the same name, docked in the La Romana port every Monday evening is a fantastic option – and now that we’ve had chance to dine there on 3 separate occasions we thought it would be a good time to publish a review about this interesting dining experience!

Visits aboard the Costa Luminosa

costa luminosa la romana

Tours aboard the Costa Luminosa cruise ship are currently available for Casa de Campo villa owners, hotel guests and residents, over 18 years of age, every Monday until the end of April.

Cost: US$60 per person, includes a 4 course meal, wine and transport (although if you would prefer you can drive yourself)

Reservations: 809-523-2079 or 809-523-8107 (reservations must be made 36 hours in advance)

Click here for complete details

As part of the visit aboard the Costa Luminosa, Casa de Campo guests will dine at the “Costa Luminosa” restaurant, which located on deck 10 has a nice view of La Romana. The cost of the visit (USD$60 per person) includes a 4 course meal and wine at this restaurant, so…..what is it like?
The menu is a 4 course set menu with at least 4 options for each course so you have plenty to choose from! Click on the image below for the complete menu:

Having now tried nearly every dish on the menu, here’s our review of just about everything available…..

The Appetizers 

Roasted young beets and pumpkin salad 
dinner costa luminosa

Despite the fact that I don’t really like beets or pumpkin, this was actually pretty nice – and the goats cheese was excellent

Fire and Ice Shrimp Cocktail
dinner costa luminosa

A good shrimp cocktail. Nothing extraordinary, but pretty tasty.

Beef fillet tartare
dinner costa luminosa

I liked this. I was a bit disturbed by the mustard addition at first, but once I tasted it I realized that it was a good compliment to the flavors.

Mozzarella and vine tomatoes with basil dressing
We have tried this, but were seemingly too eager to dig in to take a photo first! Bothe the mozzarella and tomatoes and good quality.

Our verdict?
If you like beets – get the beet and pumpkin salad, otherwise the best option is probably the Mozzarella and vine tomatoes.


Spaghetti tossed with shrimps and cherry tomatoes
dinner costa luminosa

A great option for anyone who likes pasta, cooked “al dente” and has a fresh tomato flavor with just a hint of seafood.

Risotto with asparagus and parmesan sauce
dinner costa luminosa

Very creamy and very more-ish. The additional of a balsamic reduction adds a much-needed tang.

Paccheri with tomato and basildinner costa luminosa

Another great pasta option; simple and fresh

Fish soup with fresh herb
dinner costa luminosa

A classic Italian dish: tasty and delicious

Our verdict?
To be honest we like all of these options. My favorite is definitely the risotto, but Philip who loves pasta would happily eat either of the pasta options

Main Course

Mushroom lasagne with black truffles and soya milk
dinner costa luminosa

This lasagne is very skinny! In fact it’s so flat it looks a lot like a slice of foccacia bread – but don’t let that fool you, it is delicious! Creamy, cheesy and has an excellent flavor. My favoriet dish without a doubt!

Veal shank wrapped in bacon and topped with foie gras
dinner costa luminosa

One of the more “hearty” options. This is a good meaty dish with plenty of flavor.

Fillet with turbot with caviar sauce
dinner costa luminosa

A good “light option”, the fish was tender, although we were a little disappointed with the potatoes

Our verdict?
The mushroom lasagne despit being a little flat and skinny is undoubtedly the BEST option!


Mille feuille of pears
dinner costa luminosa

Crispy pastry, pears, cream and ice-cream – it’s hard to go wrong with that combination! Probably very bad for you, but tastes good!

Pistachio Creme Brulee
dinner costa luminosa

The pistachio creme brulee is much more dense and textured then a traditional creme brulee, the flavor is less sweet too. I liked it.


Fantastic, we’ve had the tiramisu option several times and it’s always been good.

Stuffed chocolate ravioli
dinner costa luminosa

If you really love chocolate you might want to try this, but if it’s pastry you’re after the Mille feuille of pears is a better option. 

Our verdict?
The tiramisu is undoubtedly the best option, consistently very good, the Mille feuille of pears is also pretty popular amongst regulars on board the Costa Luminosa.

A few dining tips…..

#1: Ask for the olive oil!!
The olive oil they have at the Costa Luminosa restaurant is very high quality Italian olive oil – much better than you can find anywhere in the Dominican Republic (or at least in our experience). Ask for the olive oil drizzled on top of any or all your dishes – and you’ll be glad you did! Yummy!

#2: Ask for a window seat on the right side of the restaurant
When you arrive at the restaurant request to be seated by a window on the right hand side – it’s more romantic to sit by the window!

#3: There is plenty of wine
If you like to have more than 1 glass of wine – don’t worry, the wine included with the meal just keeps on flowing!

#4: You can ask for more…..
This is just a rumor, but we have heard that if after your 4 courses you are still hungry (I don’t know why) – you can ask for more!!

Once you’ve enjoyed your meal you’ll be free to wander around the ship – there’s plenty to do and see, so take your time and soak up the fun vacation atmosphere!

For a list of entertainment options on the Costa Luminosa, click here! 

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