Happy holidays! The most wonderful time of the year has arrived – and with it the opportunity to delight in the most delicious holiday foods! This year, the Casa de Campo hotel has a number of excellent special holiday dishes available to take-away – giving you the opportunity to dine on some fine food from the comfort of your Casa de Campo villa – and of course to impress all your special guests!

Order now on: Ext. 2095 (at least 24 hours in advance)

Keen to let the community know about these specials, Casa de Campo invited us for a feast. Joining us (Rebecca Hughes and Philip Silvestri) on this culinary journey was; Gildack Morata, Alice Caslini de Moriconi  Giacomo Moriconi  Rodolfo Bournigal and Jorien Breur – a wonderful mix of nationalities, so here we bring you our photos and comments;

Turducken! US$390, serves 15

Plain turkey is soo last season! This holiday season we recommend you try TURDUCKEN!

What is it? A deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, which is then stuffed into a deboned turkey and stuffed once more with a meaty sausage stuffing.

Whilst everyone in our group enjoyed this dish and sent their plates back clean – there were some that liked it more than others. A unanimous opinion was “excellent for meat-lovers” and we all really loved the unique mixture of flavors and textures, as well as the hints of holiday spices – such as cinnamon, which really brought the whole dish together.

 “The turducken was my favorite. The mixture of textures was heavenly. The meats were deliciously seasoned and seamlessly fused creating a single dish which delighted your palate. The gravy on this one was very good too. It gave the dish a robust/bold touch. Divine!
— Rodolfo Bournigal

New Zealand Leg of Lamb, US$300, serves 6

For many in our group (myself included) this dish was the favorite. Rich and robust, the foie gras when combined with meat for the stuffing takes a solid texture and consistently, an ideal complement to the flavours of the lamb – and perfect when served with potato wedges!

The delicate lamb, stuffed with the stronger flavour of the fois gras, with the final touch of the potatoes, made this without a doubt the most balanced dish.” — Alice Caslini

The lamb was very juicy and well cooked.” — Rodolfo Bournigal

Just the right tenderness/consistency.” — Philip Silvestri

Pavo Trufado, US$230, serves 15 

A delicious traditional roasted turkey stuffed with a meaty sausage and truffle stuffing. This is a great option for those looking for just a slight twist on the traditional turkey dinner – it’s a great combination of succulent white turkey meat and meaty sausage and flavorful stuffing.

I like this one a lot.” — Giacomo de Moriconi

The sausage stuffing worked very well with the turkey.” — Rodolfo Bournigal

Other special dishes being offered by Casa de Campo for the holiday season are:

• Cochinillo Relleno de Mofongo, suckling pig stuffed with mofongo, US$240, serves 8
A roasted piglet, stuffed with Dominican speciality dish “Mofongo.” “Mofongo” is fried, mashed plantains with pieces of pork crackling inside – it is normally served alone and is absolutely delicious. I can only imagine how delicious it must be stuffed inside a crispy juicy suckling pig!

• Live Oysters, US$29 for 6 and US$55 for 12.

To order your special holiday feast today, call Casa de Campo on:

• Ext. 2095 (at least 24 hours in advance)

Meet the chefs!

Hats off to the excellent Casa de Campo chefs! Pictured above and left is Juan Peña, Casa de Campo Executive Chef and above right Casa de Campo Sous-Chef – with me, Rebecca Hughes in the middle.