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In just 10 DAYS we will be LAUGHING along to Carlos Sánchez’ show, Criando Carajitos! We announced a few weeks back that the DR’s favorite stand-up comedian Carlos Sánchez is coming to Onno’s Bar & Restaurant on June 18th!!! So if you don’t have your tickets, now’s the time!!!

He’s personally inviting you to attend the show on Saturday, June 18th:

Carlos Sánchez, or Carlos Comic, as many know him, realized he wanted to be a comedian while studying law when he was only one semester shy of graduating. No, he didn’t drop out of college- he figured he’d come that far- BUT he did take up studying comedy, attending shows and interviews by established comedians, and more.

Carlos Sanchez

In September of 2002 he graduated and that following December he performed his first show ever in a bar in the Zona Colonial. The stage was on the 2nd floor and guests had to look up to see him. He remembers sending the public off happy and with a cramp in their necks! Since then, he hasn’t stopped making people laugh in his over 13 year career. With his witty and sarcastic humor, he makes the audience forget their worries while he pokes fun at the amusing aspects of life.

If you haven’t seen him perform live, you’re MISSING OUT! His extremely successful show, Criando Carajitos, covers the beyond funny levels of being a dad and improvising when life throws you a curveball. Dads don’t always get it just right, but where there’s a will there’s always a way!

See our previous article with hilarious videos Carlos uploaded to his instagram page. We know we’re going to be LAUGHING ALL NIGHT LONG. Join us and you will be too!

Make your table reservations by calling Onno’s at 829-761-0290 or you can also purchase them visiting Uepatickets; just RD $1,000 per person to reserve your seat and ticket. Then order-up, Onno’s has prepared a special menu, see below, that’s perfect for sharing with friends and celebrating your Saturday night in the best.way.ever! 

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Stand-Up Comedian Carlos Sanchez to perform at Onno’s!

Carlos Sanchez Criando Carajitos

Listen up folks! If you want to laugh… and I mean really LAUGH, you cannot miss the DR’s favorite stand-up comedian, Carlos Sánchez. When we got news of this event at the office everyone went wild. We’re giving you the insider’s scoop on what this is all about…

Carlos Sancrez Criando Carajitos Flyer

Humor 4 Onno’s: Carlos Sanchez “Criando Carajitos”

When: June 18th, 9pm

Where: Onno’s Bar & Restaurant, Altos de Chavón

Tickets: RD$1,000

Table Reservations:

Onno’s Tel: 829-761-0290


Pictures courtesy of Carlos Comic Facebook Page