With the past couple of days of rain, we thought it would be appropriate to talk about how to care for your home and prevent future damage to your roof. Most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their gutters, but it is important to understand their significance since they can prevent costly home repair bills in the future. 

The main purpose of rain gutters are to funnel water off the roof and away from your home. Too much water falling too close to your home can erode the soil around it, compromise its foundation, damage the paint, and create mold, flooding and more — all of this resulting in damages that will increase your home expenses. Remember that we live in the Caribbean where the weather changes constantly and sometimes without a lot of notice, so it’s important to be precautions. Plus, we are still in hurricane season!

It’s always a good idea to consult with a gutter specialist like Cartrash before you take your chances with the elements. They’ll help you by evaluating your property at no cost and recommend exactly what you need to protect your home. Cartrash “Residential Gutters” is located in La Romana and was founded eight years ago by engineers Francisco Albeniz Mercedes and Frazier Albelis Mercedes. They have offices throughout the country, provide competitive prices, and offer quick installation.

Cartrash works with seamless gutters, which means instead of forming a gutter system out of numerous pieces, one piece can be molded to your custom length and installed as one single piece. This means that as each individual gutter is customized to fit your home, it guarantees that over time there will be no annoying leaks! They are usually made of copper, aluminum, and galvanized in different colors. Seamless gutter systems are also much simpler to maintain; after all, they’re just long sections and the only connecting points will be at the corners and at the downspouts. The smooth, seamless appearance of the underside of the gutter will complement the roof lines of any home. Call upon the expert at Cartrash “Residential Gutters” and let them educate you on the importance of installing a properly designed gutter system for your home. 

Cartrash “Residential Gutters”

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