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Caletón & Caletón Beach Club, Crista Ryan reveals all

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caletonBy now you’ve probably already heard a little bit about Caletón. A new neighborhood being built at the end of the Punta Águila area of Casa de Campo, Caletón boasts the resorts last remaining oceanfront lots.

With just 26 exclusive lots, including Casa de Campo’s last 14 untouched oceanfront parcels of land, Caletón is set to become the resort’s most desired neighborhood.

In addition to spectacular easterly and southerly views of the Caribbean sea, the Caletón area will have it’s own Beach Club, and all the Caletón lots are located within convenient walking distance of the Beach Club. The design for the Caletón was done by Selman & Associates architecture, who also just did the new design for Casa de Campo’s second main entrance. 

To find out more about this incredible new Casa de Campo neighborhood, Casa de Campo Living got together with Crista Ryan, president of Casa de Campo Real Estate.

Rendering of the Caletón Beach Club, Casa de Campo
caleton beach club

@cdcliving: When will construction begin on the beach club?

Many of our new property owners are in the planning stages designing and getting approval for their dream homes. The Beach Club will be built as soon as the area is free from heavy construction equipment, it is practical to build the club house and is safe for our villa owners to enjoy.

@cdcliving: When will the landscaping of the entire area be completed?

The existing landscape will mature and additional landscape will be added as needed.

@cdcliving: Looking at the map, the beach club itself is set back from the beach, why?

It is set back on higher elevation than the beach to allow better breeze and views of the beach.

Location of the Caletón Beach Club within the new neighborhood

@cdcliving: What facilities will the Caletón Beach Club have?

The current plan is to have an outside terrace, inside dining area / party area, bathrooms, bar and a caterer’s kitchen. It will be a wonderful place to host a small event.

@cdcliving: Will the beach club be open to the public?

The Caletón Beach Club will be available for Casa de Campo villa owners and hotel guest.

@cdcliving: How have sales gone so far?

Casa de Campo Real Estate sold 21 lots out of 26 lots in 45 days. 5 direct oceanfront lots remain for sale. Lot sizes are between 5,477 M2 – 6,309 M2 and are all priced at $750/M2. You can own an incredible waterfront property in Caletón for a price between $3,854,835 – $4,732,200.00.

@cdcliving: What do you think makes the area so appealing?

For a water person, like myself, it is the most naturally beautiful property in Casa de Campo. The views of the ocean are spectacular, its peaceful, the cove and sandy beach is one of a kind, the carefully designed Caletón Beach Club will complement the social aspect for the community, It will have safe walking trails, it is withinwalking distance to the Casa de Campo Hotel and top golf course Teeth of the Dog and it is secure and safe place to live.

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