Italian Food

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A new Italian eatery is in town! Have you heard that Café Colón opened? I discovered it one evening looking for a place for a late dinner. To our pleasure, Café Colón is open until 11:30 pm every night! We went there and did not regret it.

The restaurant is quite spacious, with the feeling of a small Italian courtyard it has a lovely terrace. I believe many of its charms come from it being at the old Colon movie theatre in La Romana. Even though we were only thinking of having a small bite, we ended up each ordering a main course and dessert! It was that good! I also enjoyed that as in Italy, there is a selection of both aperitivo and digestivo cocktails as well as comprehensive wine list. We started with a classic Italian aperitivo, Aperol spritz.

The menu is also quite extensive. Taking the joint through a thorough test, I ordered my very favorite pasta carbonara. I did like that it came optionally with cream since it does not traditionally include it, but many people prefer carbonara with cream. My dining partner ordered pizza that came from their wood stove oven. Both dishes were very delicious…the pizza had a thin and crispy crust and was very juicy. The pasta portion was very generous and full of flavor, the pancetta being delightfully salty and crunchy like it was intended in carbonara.

To finish, homemade gelato and some Amaro as an after-dinner digestive was the icing on the cake. We had a chance to talk with Chef Nicola de Simone who is responsible for Colon’s artisan pizzas and he shared with us his passion for quality ingredients and commitment to staying fresh and authentic. It was a very rustic Italian dinner experience and we encourage you to give it a try!


Where: Calle Trinitaria No. 53

Hours: Daily, 10:30am – 11:30pm

Contact: (809) 556-4193