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Otto Guerrero & George Riley crowned champions of the BRITCHAM British Cup

BRITCHAM golf tournament

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BRITCHAM_golf_tournamentLast Saturday May 10th, 2014, the British Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic (BRITCHAM), hosted their 16th annual golf tournament, the British Cup on the Teeth of the Dog in Casa de Campo. 

BRITCHAM_golf_tournament_2The prestigious tournament, being played for the second year on the Teeth of the Dog in Casa de Campo, was inaugurated by Campos de Moya, current Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce, Steven Morgan British Consul in the Dominican Republic and Alfonso Paniagua vice-president and administrator of Costasur Casa de Campo. 

“It is a pleasure to welcome everyone to Casa, Casa de Campo is home to everyone. We hope you all win, and if not we hope you win something in the raffle,” were the opening words offered by Alfonso Paniagua vice-president and administrator of Costasur Casa de Campo. 

The inaugural putt was then made by Steven Morgan British Consul in the Dominican Republic, before the group of over 100 golfers from across the Dominican Republic set off in their golf carts to tee off around the Teeth of the Dog. 

At the end of a beautiful day on the Teeth of the Dog, the players came together once again at the Lago Grill for a buffet lunch catered by the Casa de Campo resort. The 16th annual British Cup then came to a close with the announcement of the winners of the golf tournament, as well as the multiple winners of the raffle.

In the end, Otto Guerrero and George Riley were proclaimed the gross winners of the 16th annual British Golf Cup, and as such the winners of the “Claret Jug”, a replica of the cup traditionally given at the British Open golf tournament for more than 100 years.

To close the event, Campos de Moya, the Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce, who is also a Casa de Campo villa owner, as well as the honorary consul to India in the Dominican Republic and the vice president of communications and institutional affairs at Vicini, offered the closing words.

In addition to thanking the event’s participants and numerous sponsors, such as the Casa de Campo resort, Campos de Moya, took the opportunity to highlight some of BRITCHAM’s achievements in forging excellent Dominican-British business relations. “Every British person eats on average 100 bananas per year, of which 25 come from the Dominican Republic and are organic. The Dominican Republic is actually the world’s largest producer of organic bananas and has the largest organic banana plantations in the world,” he used an example of successful Dominican-British business.

He also took the opportunity to motivate everyone present to go an see La Extraña, the movie which had premiered in the Marina Casa de Campo the night before. “La Extraña was filmed here in Casa de Campo, and you all will be amazed with the terrific scenes in this wonderful place called Casa de Campo,” said Campos de Moya. (Click here to read more about La Extraña and enjoy our photos of the premier.)

Also very happy to be taking part in the event was Fernando Gonzalez-Nicolas, the founding president of the British Chamber of Commerce, who first presented the idea of founding the BRITCHAM in 1983, and successfully founded the organisation in 1987. “Today Britain is one of the largest business partners of the Dominican Republic, more than 200 million dollars worth of business is done between the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic every year. You see British products everywhere. The British Chamber of Commerce has been very successful, “ Fernando Gonzalez-Nicolas told Casa de Campo Living, whose work with the BRITCHAM earned him the honor of an MBE from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 1996.

BRITCHAMDR golf tournament, the British Cup – Results

Men’s Division

Gross Champions: Otto Guerrero/George Riley
Result: 64 strokes

A Category

1st place net: Luis Garcia Marion-Landais/Jaime Valenzuela
Result: 67 strokes

2nd place net: Manuel Luna/Edgar Pichardo
Result: 67 strokes

3rd place net: Roberto Salcedo/Carlos Salcedo
Result: 67 strokes

B Category 

1st place net: Clifton Ramirez/Alberto Flores
Result: 60 strokes

2nd place net: Juan Velazquez/Julio Zeller
Result: 62 strokes

3rd place net: Pedro Goico/Neit Nivar
Result: 62 strokes

C Category 

1st place net: Carlos Camilo/Juan Julia
Result: 67 strokes

2nd place net: Ramón Reyes/Jorge Torres
Result: 70 strokes

3rd place net: Edward Faña/Luis Victoria
Result: 70 strokes

Ladies Division

1st place net: Mary Ledesma/Margarita Benitez
Result: 61 strokes

2nd place net: Debra Luna/Karen Cuevas
Result: 68 strokes

Special Prizes

Longest Drive: Virgilio Álvarez

Closest to the pin: George Riley (hole #5)

Closest to the pin: Virgilio Álvarez (hoyo #7)

Closest to the pin: Carlos Ros (Hoyo #13)

Closest to the pin: Debra Luna (Hoyo #16)

The following collection of photos were taken on the Teeth of the Dog and at the Lago Grill during the 16th annual British Cup celebrated by the British Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic (BRITCHAMDR): 


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