Hey there, Casa foodies! You are all cordially invited to indulge in a 6-course dinner by our very own Culinary Director Chef Anthony Masas tonight. The Black Truffle Pairing Menu designed by Masas, will take place on Friday, February 1st and Saturday, February 2nd at Minitas Beach Club, where he will be presenting a special menu paired with an excellent selection by Simone Pinto, Casa de Campo’s Executive Sommerlier. This dinner will have a cost of $125.00 USD, tax not included. 

Anyone who appreciates great Italian food has probably heard of truffles before. White and black truffles are grown in nature and are entirely wild. Since the discovery of truffles, there have been countless attempts to cultivate and domesticate them into a manageable crop. However, due to the fact that they require highly specific soil, moisture and other factors, mankind has been unable to control their growth. Mainly found in Italy, truffles grow completely underground in the root systems of chestnut, oak, hazelnut and other trees. Interesting fact: Female pigs were the first animals used to hunt and harvest truffles because of its peculiar smell. 

Truffles are considered one of the utmost culinary delicacies and are highly sought after for their unique taste, aroma, and rarity. A variety of wonderful dishes that range from savory to sweet can be greatly enhanced with the use of truffles, and we can’t wait to see what Chef Anthony Masas has prepared for us!

Just two months ago, Anthony Masas was promoted to Culinary Director. Anthony has been part of the Casa de Campo team for close to 4 years and has been one of the main architects of the many changes we have witnessed in recent years like the renovation of Minitas Beach Club and the recent opening of Chilango Taqueria. In his new role he will oversee culinary and restaurant operations of the Food & Beverage department including. Anthony’s talent, passion, excellent track record, innovative ideas and superb cuisine has greatly enhanced our culinary experience and we are excited to see what additional improvements will continue to happen. Great job, keep it up!

It has very limited availability, so you have to book now! You can make your reservations by calling the Hotel Concierge. Don’t miss it!

Black Truffle Pairing Menu by Culinary Director Chef Anthony Masas

When: Friday, February 1st and Saturday, February 2nd

Where: Minitas Beach Club

For more information and reservations: (809) 523-3333 Ext. 3165, 3166