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Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy back in Casa de Campo

Beyonce and Jay Z Casa de Campo

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Beyonce and Jay Z Casa de CampoHaving joined us in Casa de Campo for a romantic beach break in February of this year, Beyoncé and Jay Z with their daughter Blue Ivy were just back in Casa de Campo to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary. It seems one of the world’s most famous families have really fallen in love with our little piece of paradise!

Beyonce Casa de CampoRelaxing in a magnificent multi-million dollar oceanside estate located near to Minitas Beach, the couple clearly had a fantastic time enjoying the view of the Caribbean sea, relaxing in the pool, strolling along the private beach, and doing a little golf practice.

However, just like on their last visit, they ventured out and about and were spotted having a great time all over the Casa de Campo resort.

Clearly craving a little more action than could be found at the private beach of the Casa de Campo villa, the gorgeous couple were spotted on multiple occasions on Minitas Beach – and not hiding in the private area of the Beach Club’s Cabanas – but wondering around on the beach just like everyone else enjoying a vacation in Casa de Campo.

They were seen by Aissa Castillo de Torres enjoying cocktails at the Coco Bar Mar, who snapped the photo below, showing Jay Z had also done a little shopping at Carmen Sol New York.

Jay Z and Beyoncé at Minitas Beach, by @aissacastillo on Instagram
Jay Z and Beyonce at Minitas Beach

They were also seen taking a stroll hand in hand through Altos de Chavón on a number of occasions, even reportedly having a romantic dinner for 2 at La Cantina Social Club, as well as showing interest in making some purchases at the Art Studios by Emilio Robba.

Meanwhile one lucky lady who was here for a Casa de Campo wedding was lucky enough to have a quick chat with them, “we didn’t formally meet them, but we said hi and a guy we were with invited them to stay for the wedding lol. Jay Z joked that he was on his way to put his suit on! Pretty awesome.” commented @vwatson7 on her Instagram with the below photo.

Jay Z and Beyoncé at Minitas Beach, by @vwatson7 on Instagram
Jay Z and Beyonce at Minitas Beach

Thank you to Jay Z, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy for visiting our wonderful Casa de Campo resort once again. As we say here, “mi casa es su casa”, so hurry back soon!

The following images, as well as the header image were taken from Beyoncé’s tumblr website page: 

Click here to see pics and read all about Jay z, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy in Casa de Campo in February 2014. 

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