estilo 2013 fashion show

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On Friday, May 17th, The Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design presented its 29th annual student fashion show, in the Salón Flamboyán at Casa de Campo’s conference center. A magical night when Chavón’s Fashion Design students, now graduates presented their work to the public. This year’s theme for Estilo 2013 was “Future/Classic” and the show was a celebration of chiaroscuro, black and white with bold colors and metallic accents. There was a ready-to-wear collection and a spectrum of romantic silhouettes for gala evenings, both for men and women. The following is an article written by Stephen Kaplan, the dean of the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design, about the Estilo 2013 fashion show. 
Estilo 2013: The Altos de Chavón School of Design Fashion Show: Future/Classic by Stephen Kaplan  “Back to the future” was the inspirational idea behind this year’s splendid presentation of the work of the Fashion Design students at The Altos de Chavón School of Design. Looking at the pieces on the runway at Casa de Campo’s Salón Flamboyán on Friday, May 17, one must keep in mind that they were the senior thesis projects of students who had studied fashion design for only eight months and were the equivalent of college sophomores. Their teacher and the department coordinator, Alida León, a graduate of Parsons in New York, had been working in the fashion industry, and this was her first teaching position. And despite all that, the show was a standout, remarkable in 29 years of fashion shows, many of which were extraordinary. The ready-to-wear daytime looks were created under the supervision of designer Joel Diaz. They were intricately crafted confections in blinding white accented by hand stitching, coral embroidery, piping, or appliqué. The results were handsome, wearable, and rich in detail—crowd pleasers on all counts. Next on the X-shaped runway was the menswear. Again we were in the realm of light and shadow, white and black and grey or metallic. Some jackets were elegantly gathered and draped on the front closure. There were quirky and Star Trek–inspired fashions for the guys, as well as stunning, unexpectedly subtle, soft jackets. José Jhan was the guest critic who worked with the students to put together this masculine collection. The evening collection was a tour de force. These flowing works of runway art were show stoppers, recalling Hollywood of the 1940s and at the same time some futuristic vision of glamour. The pieces were all in chiaroscuro and elaborately constructed in bold, luscious, and shockingly expensive fabrics. The finishes were impeccable, the cut and fall of the garments liquid in motion. These haute couture masterpieces of student invention, overseen by Julio Marcano, were truly worthy of the runways of Milan or Paris. This fashion night to remember marked the beginning of careers for these 18 young designers with pure visual fireworks. The show came together under the relentless, perfectionist eye of Alida León, the program’s coordinator. Brava Alida, and kudos to the Chavón fashion graduates.
The following collection of photos were taken during the Estilo 2013 Fashion Show by the fashion design graduates of the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design: