Azimut Café Sunset Jazz June 2017

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A picturesque sunset in Casa de Campo isn’t easily forgotten, more often than not it cements its hues of red and orange into our minds so that nothing like it compares. Unfortunately, Saturday’s cloudy skies prevented this frequent and beautiful occurrence from happening in the Marina, but Azimut Café’s jazzy music, cocktails along the water’s edge, and chatter among friends made up for it. Sunset Jazz Night returned after a half-a-year interval and we were thrilled regardless!! Azimut Café Sunset Jazz June 2017 Prior to the resort’s sold-out Wisin & Maluma concert, around 100 guests joined Azimut Café for some welcome-bubbly by Martini and music by DJ Gilbert Andrew. IBI Nautica displayed their new partnership with Nor-Tech Boats by featuring the brand’s 450CC model. Community members were drawn to the high-performance boat taking time to climb aboard and fantasize about the luxurious experience. They didn’t have to imagine too-hard though because IBI Nautica offered sea-trails to interested parties the following day! Azimut Café Sunset Jazz June 2017 The powerful 45-foot boat is ideal for adventurers and party-goers, as many experienced first-hand while cutting through the waves of the Caribbean waters. Four engines of 400hp each make this boat quite a beast; it reaches up to 76 nautical miles. Azimut Café’s Sunset Jazz was very successful even amidst the weekend’s rain. Attendees enjoyed the relaxed lifestyle and chill music common of the popular event, and we hope more are on their way. Summer is better in Casa with friends and live music. See more pictures from Saturday, June 17th taken by Yollmary Genao at Azimut Café’s Sunset Jazz Night in the Marina Casa de Campo: