Altos de Chavon

Wisin and Maluma’s Summer concert in Altos de Chavón was HOT!

Wisin & Maluma Altos de Chavón Concert

The rain did not stop us from having a great time last Saturday night! The amount of people that made their way to Altos de Chavón over the weekend was OFF THE CHARTS and all were ready to enjoy what promised to be a hot concert. Wisin and Maluma raised the temperature to the next degree with their mind-blowing performance and with actual fire that blasted from the stage. It seemed impossible to make the concert even better, but a surprise appearance from Yandel did just that as he came out to support his friend Wisin!!

As early as 4:00 p.m., we could see people walking around Chavón waiting for the amphitheater doors to open. The sky had been cloudy but that didn’t discourage the thousands of fans from coming in. Once the rain did ensue around 7:00pm everyone found shelter wherever they could, but it didn’t alter their excitement as they waited expectantly for the epic night to begin.

Fans of all ages could be seen from top to bottom of the 5,000 seat amphitheater ready for whatever Wisin and Maluma had in store. In our jittery wait, screens displayed the sponsors of the event and a DJ was brought on stage to pump up the crowd. After some awesome mixes, the lights went dark… the musicians prepped their positions, and with a top-notch sound system, lights, pyrotechnics and fire, Wisin came out stating, “I feel proud to be a Puerto Rican. Who is proud to be Dominican?!” The whole amphitheater screamed and shouted demonstrating their agreement. Six dancers accompanied him during the night that started with “Que Viva la Vida” which he followed with hit after hit.

The energy and charisma that emulated from the crowd-pleasing singer had the audience up on their feet and dancing to every song. Wisin’s performance included: “Vacaciones”, “Control”, “Ahora Es”, “Mayor que Yo”, “Noche de Entierro”, “Pegao”, “Duele el Corazón”, “Escapate Conmigo”, “Nota de Amor”, and “Adrenalina”. Throughout the concert he engaged the crowd, walking across the whole stage. After an hour of non-stop music, Wisin left and everybody started begging for more, hoping that it was the popular “false exit”. 

To everyone’s surprise he returned with none other than Yandel!!! Together they sang a medley of songs they had released years ago including: “Mirala Bien”, “PamPam”, “Rakata”, “Noche de Sexo”, and “Algo me Gusta de Ti”. On his Instagram account, Yandel posted, “Visiting my brothers from the Dominican Republic. 10 years ago we sang in Altos de Chavón and today I share the stage once more with my brother @wisin thanks for this super experience #wisinyyandel”. The duo left the stage, after thanking everyone and leaving the audience hyped and ready more. Wisin posted, “Each presentation I do with the heart #santodomingo # thankyou so much #VICTORY. 

After this, the lights went out and two artists left the stage which could only mean one thing… It was the “Dirty Boy, Pretty Boy’s” turn. Girls could be seen anxiously looking at every entry point waiting for the mega heartthrob to arrive. They all wanted the very first glimpse. Seeing Maluma emerge in an all-white ensemble with his back-up dancers sent fans into a frenzy. He sang an excerpt of “4 Babies” before moving on to “Borro Cassette”, “La Temperatura” and “Sin Contrato,” of which he also performed with a small salsa version and whose music video was filmed in the Dominican Republic. Maluma continued with “El Perdedor” and “Desde esa noche”, a collaboration he made with Thalía. You’ll be happy to know that the young artist also has an upcoming collaboration with Yandel entitled “SoloMia” in Yandel’s coming-soon album, “UpDate”.

Around 11:30 pm, it started to rain during Maluma’s concert but this in no way ended the party… it might have spurred it on! Maluma and his dancers engaged the audience asking them to stand and scream. WE HAPPILY COMPLIED! Under the rain he sang, “Vente Pa’ Ca” which is a collaboration with Ricky Martin, and soon after changed into an all-black ensemble— likely referencing his popular title Dirty Boy, Pretty Boy. In his new look he performed many of his popular collaborations: “Chantaje”, “Bicicleta”, “Me Llamas”, and “Party Animal” which he worked on with Shakira, Carlos Vives, Charly Black, and Piso 21.  Following these, he sang, “Felices los 4” and “Carnaval” along with the accompaniment of the full-audience. He closed the concert around 12:15am with the full version of “4 Babies.” Without a doubt, Wisin and Maluma made up a hot summer concert and we loved every minute. From the screaming fans of Maluma to the revival of Wisin’s stellar songs, this was a match well made.

The following gallery of photos were taken by Laura Perdomo during the Wisin and Maluma concert in Altos de Chavón last Saturday, June 17th: 

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