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Art and music come together during Yves Keersmaeker last live performance at Casa de Campo

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Yves de Keersmaeker is one of those people who never give up until they achieve their goals. This Belgian designer demonstrated it once again during his artistic presentation that took place last Friday, August 17th in the villa of Edward and Mathew De Valle in Casa de Campo, La Romana.

YdK, as he is artistically known, presented a spectacular live concert, this time accompanied by the Cuban pianist Jorge Sosa and the Dominican band “Batuta” by musician Juan Pablo Polanco. YdK delighted his guests with rhythms of Jazz, Bossa Nova and other musical genres, leaving everyone present impressed with the progress he has made in music, thanks to the hard vocal training he has undergone and the collaboration of great musicians and vocal coaches who support him constantly.

The repertoire of songs performed by YdK in English, French and Spanish included “The Look of Love”, “If I take you home tonight” and “Let’s face the music and dance” by Diana Krall; “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis; “Bésame mucho” by Consuelo Velázquez; “La vie en rose” by Edith Piaf, among others. It should be noted that prior to the presentation, the guests had the opportunity to enjoy several pieces of art from the gallery of the De Valle’s, ARTSDQ, located in Santo Domingo.

Among the pieces were photographs of the artist Miriam Calzada, several Giclée on canvas of iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie, Queen Elizabeth II by the German painter Michael Moebius, among others.

Future plans

YdK does not stop. This rising artist continues to look for opportunities in the country, as well as in Belgium and the United States to develop more concerts with bands or orchestras. On October 7 he will have a concert with an orchestra composed of 20 musicians (violins, contrabasses, piano, cello, etc.) in Brussels. This will be his first live concert with a classical orchestra. In September, the launch of his first music video is expected. This is the video of the gospel song “Take me to The Alley”, which has been recorded in La Romana and Bayahibe. “I want to show my country of residence, its people, its culture, its atmosphere and its beautiful colors”, Yves states, who will also be releasing another video filmed in a spectacular villa in Casa de Campo with Victoria Yakimova as a model. Also, every month a different song by YdK is released in Spotity: “YdKartist” and the videos can be seen on your YouTube channel: “YdKArtist”.

See the photos of the first YdK concert on August 10, taken by Mairobi Herrera, and the many friends who came out to support him:

A change of pace for Yves de Keersmaeker

Yves de Keersmaeker

When we are small we dream of being doctors, policeman, artists, singers, and more but very few of us actually pursue those dreams. We go on to work in industries that are very detached from our childhood ambitions, and even though we may like or even love what we do, there is still that small spark inside of us asking us what if? What if we decided to leave everything behind and try for our truest desires? This is what happened with one of our very own community members, Yves de Keersmaeker. Read more here!


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