Art Chavon, Altos de Chavon_School

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Art Chavon, Altos de Chavon_School

The third annual Art Chavón is just around the corner! We just want remind you that Art Chavón 2015 will be taking place on Friday March 13th and no one can miss this amazing event, which in addition to raising funds for the school, also highlights all the potential of the students from the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design.

Art Chavón is organized by the Altos de Chavón Cultural Center Foundation, with the objective to raise funds so that the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design may continue to keep supporting talented Dominican artists, regardless of their economic status. The event not only raises much needed funds for the school – who offer scholarships to many talented and deserving young artists, but is also a fantastic showcase of all the excellent work these students achieve whilst in Altos de Chavón.

The following text was contributed by dean of studies at the Altos de Chavón School of Design and is an overview of what we can expect from Art Chavón “POTPOURRI”

Art Chavón “POTPOURRI” by Stephen Kaplan

Art Chavon, Altos de Chavon_School

Following closely on the heels of the Davidoff Art Initiative, Art Chavón now takes the spotlight. This year, its sixth, promises some surprises. As usual, the show is a mélange of the work of current students, graduates, and faculty of The Altos de Chavón School of Design, and former artists in residence. There are also some interesting folkloric and artisan objects. Painting predominates, with the themes of figurative, landscape, and still life prominent. But this year there is a good amount of abstract work: lovely, small, box-framed textural pieces and meticulously painted geometric studies from the first-year class in two-dimensional design. Some large abstractions and a good number of silk-screen and other prints are included, as well.

The show is designed to give Casa de Campo villa owners the opportunity to take home a work that will bring a genuine artist presence to their homes. There are startling, cutting-edge works and easy-to-live-with decorative pieces. The work by former artist in residence Fermin Ceballos, who won the coveted E. León Jimenes Biennial this year, is dark and disturbing but brilliantly painted, and contrasts with the work of Altos de Chavón graduate Frank Lara, who continues to make leaves bathed in acrylic and cut into mosaics, their veins creating an intriguing interlacing of linear forms.

Frank Lara arte

“Estudio de Luz” by Frank Lara

So see this show as a panorama of the arts expressive, decorative, engaging, and dynamic. All sales of the work help the cause of The School’s scholarship fund, which allows Altos de Chavón to provide the best art and design education imaginable.

During the gathering you can expect to find the entire gallery overflowing with literally hundreds more unique and sophisticated works of art – all created by both current and pasts students of the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design. And as all these pieces are being sold for the cause – hence the opportunity for YOU to invest in the future of Dominican art and design!

Entrance is just US$50 per person, and that will be credited towards any art purchase you make over US$200. During the event there will be live music, drinks and hors d’oeuvres for the enjoyment of all guests.

Art Chavón is proudly sponsored by SILGON and Casa de Campo Living website.

We hope to see you next Friday March 13th at the Gallery in Altos de Chavon from 6pm!

Art Chavón 2015

Art Chavon

When: Friday 13th of March, 6pm – 9m

Where: The Gallery, Altos de Chavón

Tickets: US$50 on the door. This US$50 will then be credited towards any art purchase you make over US$200.

Contact: Martha Victoria, (809) 523-8470/8011 (between 8:30am – 4:30 pm),