Altos de Chavon arte

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Altos de Chavon arte

On this coming Thursday February the 27th, the Altos de Chavón Cultural Center Foundation invites you to Art Chavón, their annual fundraising event. The celebration – a cocktail and art auction – will take place at The Gallery in Altos de Chavón from 6pm to 9pm. So ahead of the gathering, here we bring you a sneak peak of what to expect – these photos are of the actual pieces included in the exhibited, as well as an article contributed by none other than Stephen Kaplan, dean of studies at the Altos de Chavón School of Design.

Altos de Chavon arte

Art Chavón 2014: Diversity and Classical Training at the Service of Contemporary Thinking
By Stephen Kaplan

The students at The Altos de Chavón School of Design are trained in a classical manner. Their first year at the school is all about visual literacy: learning to see and to report what they’ve seen. In their second year, they split into three majors—Fashion Design, Graphic Design, or Fine Arts/Illustration. The Fine Arts students further hone their skills by working from figure models, landscape, and still life.

This year’s scholarship fundraiser, Art Chavón 2014, opens at The Gallery at Altos de Chavón on Thursday, February 27, at 6pm. It showcases the exuberant work of these students—but it’s also peppered with works by faculty, visiting lecturers, and Artists in Residence. The show is truly an embarrassment of riches, perhaps the most diverse and virtuoso group show to date.

Altos de Chavon arte

There’s something here for every taste. You’ll find dazzling works from the deft hand of Frank Lara, an alchemist whose unique technique turns dry, silicon-treated leaves and pods into gold and platinum mosaics. There are stunning figurative pieces, dynamic abstract compositions, smoke-fired ceramic urns, beautifully framed etchings, wood cuts, and wistful studies of young people caught in moments of melancholy, introspection, or jubilation. Everyone who has sneaked a peek at the show during the installation has been struck with admiration for the work these of young, emerging artists

Altos de Chavon arte

Most of the work is offered at fixed prices, but larger and more elaborate pieces are part of a silent auction whose starting prices are far below those for comparable work in local galleries. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone with walls crying out for extraordinary artwork to take home a piece that will enliven the space and endure.

So Thursday evening, come, have a drink, hear some good music, get a silk screen print by Romana artist Fernando Tamburini, and see a collection of diverse expressions of color, form, and concepts like no other. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Art Chavón 2014

Art Chavon Altos de Chavon

When: Thursday 27th of February, 6pm – 9m

Where: The Gallery, Altos de Chavón

Tickets: US $50 p/p or RD $2,200 p/p

Contact: Martha Victoria, (809) 523-8470/8011 (between 8:30am – 4:30 pm),