Around the Bases Exhibit

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Around the Bases ExhibitThe “Around the Bases” art exhibit opened last Friday at The Gallery in Altos de Chavón, featuring marvelous artwork from artists Daniel Infante and Wilfredo Torres. As you might remember, a couple weeks ago, we invited you to join us for the opening cocktail of “Around the Bases”, an exhibition of the extremely talented artists Wilfredo Torres and Daniel Infante, of Cuban and Dominican heritage respectively. Both of them extremely talented and having had a good Googling of them from the aforementioned invitation, us here at Casa de Campo Living were excited to step in and see what these two masters had in store for us – and we weren’t disappointed! Wilfredo Torres Beatles PortraitureWilfredo Torres’s artwork was immediately recognizable for two reasons: one, the distinct style he employs in creating portraiture, and two, the immediate familiarity of the four faces that stared at us in monochrome from the gallery wall: it’s the Beatles! The dark, black-and-white interpretations of the Fab Four, as depicted on the inner sleeve of their 1967 White Album, were absolutely fantastic, a perfect testament to Torres’s unique style of portraiture, which he has employed for other iconic figures, such as that of Charlie Chaplin. Also on display by Torres was an array of various portraits, including some color-filled ones of cock fights, and some he named mosaics, for how they contained various images and colorful portraits squared off separately, but what really seemed to catch visitors’ eyes were his sculptures, especially a series of three called Fotografo I, II, and III, which featured sculpted images of a woman, with old cameras incorporated into their faces where their eyes would normally be.

Painted tiles by Wilfredo Torres Wilfredo Torres arte

Daniel Infante Botequim MineroDominican artist Daniel Infante also created marvelous landscapes in fantastic color schemes, ranging from light pastel colors to dark, damp, browns to really convey the emotion – or lack thereof – in his paintings. A fantastic example of this is his Botequim Minero, which, through simple brushstrokes, displays a brownish, people-filled scene, where other colors seem too light to make a difference, setting an overall heaviness in the painting’s tone.

Admiring one of the more colorful pieces by Daniel Infante Daniel Infante

To finish up, pass by the Altos de Chavón Gallery and you’ll get to admire the various artworks by these fantastic artists – that is, if nobody scoops them up first! The following collection of images were taken during the opening cocktail of the “Around the Bases” art exhibition at The Gallery in Altos de Chavón: 
“Around the Bases” Art Exhibition Open: June 27th – August 12th Opening times: Daily 9am – 5pm, closed Wednesdays Where: The Gallery, Altos de Chavón Contact: (809) 523-8470