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Another successful live performance by YdK in Casa de Campo!

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Back in 2015, Yves de Keersmaeker decided to leave behind his job as an interior designer and antique dealer to pursue his lifelong dream, to become a singer. He debuted in Casa de Campo back in January 2017 with his first concert and since then he has been tirelessly working and training to make his dream come true. On June 10th, he had another successful private performance in Casa de Campo.

The presentation took place at his villa, Vivero 13 where he was able to personally welcome all of the guests and friends that came in to support him and enjoy an afternoon of good music. At 6:30 pm Yves de Keersmaeker, who goes by “YdK” for his music, thanked everybody for joining him that night. Yves had selected for the night a couple of new songs and some by Frank Sinatra. A captivated crowd swayed to the melodies and didn’t miss an opportunity to cheer him on during the night. After the presentation, he invited everyone to stay longer for some cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres during which many took to congratulate him and wish him success in this new endeavor. 

After 2-year of intense vocal coaching, Yves is very excited to announce that the project has finally started! He has recorded songs with a semi-symphonic orchestra of 15 musicians in Belgium, and has worked with 5 times Latin Grammy award winner Boris Milan in Miami. Currently, he has songs in English, French, and Spanish. He plans to film his first music video in July at the colonial zone of Santo Domingo and is preparing his first concert with a live orchestra in Belgium for September. We eagerly await the release of his first video, and will keep you informed on his next concert date in Casa de Campo!

See the photos from YdK’s first showcase concert on June 10th, taken by Dariana Soriano, and the many friends who came out to support him:

A change of pace for Yves de Keersmaeker

Yves de Keersmaeker

When we are small we dream of being doctors, policeman, artists, singers, and more but very few of us actually pursue those dreams. We go on to work in industries that are very detached from our childhood ambitions, and even though we may like or even love what we do, there is still that small spark inside of us asking us what if? What if we decided to leave everything behind and try for our truest desires? This is what happened with one of our very own community members, Yves de Keersmaeker. Read more here!


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