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Announcing fresh baked goods at Minitas Beach Club!

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We are going through a time like no other where we have all had to change our “normal state”. Some of us work from home, our kids are studying online, we celebrate birthdays with loved ones via video calls, in short, we have had to reinvent ourselves. The same has happened with different businesses, such as restaurants that now work exclusively with delivery or take out. We have a couple of restaurants in Casa that have been open for takeout during this time, one of them being Minitas Beach Club with delicious food options and baked goods.

Its a given, the smell of freshly baked goods can captivate the senses, and its a great addition to your breakfast menu or for a quick snack.  Since most people don’t know how to bake or have the time to do it, along with their take out menu Minitas Beach Club now has the option to also call in your order for banana or carrot bread, croissants, and service bread, and they will have them delivered to your home or ready for pick up. Orders for baked goods will be received one day prior to delivery from 11 am to 3 pm and will be delivered from 8 am the following day.

Find below the menu and enjoy a great meal! 

Bakery options

Takeout or delivery menu

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