Andres Fanjul J.Pepe Fanjul

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On Saturday April 26th, Andres Fanjul Jr., the nephew of J.Pepe Fanjul was crowned the champion of the 27th annual Casa de Campo Sugar Shooting Tournament, as the winner of the High Overall Cup. Following 5-days of shooting at both the private wilderness reserve, Rancho Peligro, and the 245 acre Casa de Campo Shooting Center, Andres, who last year won the High Overall “GUBELMANN CUP”, was handed the High Overall Cup by his uncle J.Pepe Fanjul at the dinner and prize-giving celebrated at Casa Grande. Meanwhile Mason Berry from Texas was crowned the winner of the High Overall “GUBELMANN CUP”.

Andres Fanjul Jr. with his friend Jason Willoughby

The Casa de Campo Sugar Shooting Tournament hosted annually by J.Pepe Fanjul is the sister event to the Sugar Golf Tournament hosted by J.Pepe’s brother, Alfy Fanjul, which this year took place from the 9th to the 12th of April (click here for photos.) Both gatherings raise funds for the Fundación MIR charity, who run 3 schools in La Romana, with more than 1200 students.

The European-style Driven Bird Shoot at Rancho Peligro

This year the 27th Casa de Campo Sugar Shooting Tournament started on Tuesday April 22nd and Wednesday April 23rd with the European Driven Bird Shoot, with the shooters arriving at Rancho Peligro in small groups of 8 in helicopter. While at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center, the tournaments more than 35 participants took part in the “100 Bird Race”, also referred to as the “100 pigeons”.  The event was then officially opened on Thursday April 24th with a welcome dinner at La Piazzetta in Altos de Chavón, following which the schedule continued with the shooters competing in the “100 clays” around the Shooting Clays Circuit in Casa de Campo as well as the “Colombaire”. To close a successful week of shooting, Emilia and J.Pepe Fanjul hosted the traditionally dinner and prize-giving celebration at Casa Grande. The celebration started with cocktails and picarderas on the terrace overlooking the ocean, before the intimate group moved down to dining area for a delicious buffet dinner.

As dinner came to an end, J.Pepe Fanjul took the spotlight to reveal the winners of the various tournaments, an exciting moment, as unlike with the Sugar Golf Tournament, the shooters had, until this point, no idea who had won.

And as the prize-giving came to a close, it was time for yet another surprise, as Mason Berry presented J.Pepe Fanjul with an enormous tapestry. Created as “a token to show our appreciation for being invited back”, the tapestry which represents an entire year’s work, depicts the European-style Driven Bird Shoot at Rancho Peligro, including a portrait of J.Pepe himself taking aim, as well as the various different shooting options available at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center. A truly magnificent piece of craftsmanship.

Mason Berry, J.Pepe Fanjul and Lawrence Berry

The Sugar Shooting Tournament 2014 consisted of numerous different shooting tournaments; Live Pigeon Shoot, the Colombaire and the Sporting Clays, as well as the European Style Driven Bird Shoot. And although the tournament presents prizes to the winners of each category there are also 2 trophies for the overall winners; the High Overall “GUBELMANN CUP” won by Mason Berry and the High Overall Cup won Andres Fanjul Jr. Originally the Sugar Shooting Tournament only awarded trophies to the individual tournament winners, but the Gublemann Cup, donated by Mr. James Gublemann was introduced -according to Mr Gublemann- “to encourage people to do more than one event”, whilst the High Overall Cup was introduced last year to include the European style Driven Bird Shoot, as well as all the other tournaments.
The winners of the 27th annual Casa de Campo Sugar Shooting Tournament were as follows: 100 SPORTING CLAYS: • DANIEL CULNEN (class AA) • JAMES GUBELMANN (class AA) • DON FUENTES (class A) • ALEX BRANT (class B) • JASON WILLOUGHBY (class C) • GERALD SEAY D (class D) 100 PIGEONS RACE: ARTHUR AIDEN LASSETER HANDICAP: ALEX AUESPERG 28ga. DRIVEN PHEASANT AND PARTRIDGE SHOOT “HIGH GUNS”: • Day 1: RICHARD BRITTEN-LONG • Day 2: J. PEPE FANJUL • Day 3: LAWRENCE BERRY HIGH OVERALL “GUBELMANN CUP”: MASON BERRY HIGH OVERALL CUP: ANDRES FANJUL Jr. NOTES: • The High Overall “GUBELMANN CUP” is awarded to the shooter with the highest overall shooting score in the events based at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center (does not include the Driven Pheasant and Partridge Shoot at Rancho Peligro.) • The High Overall Cup is awarded to the shooter with the highest overall shooting score in ALL the events • Shooters cannot win more than one event
The following collection of photos were taken on Saturday April 26th at Casa Grande during the closing event for the 27th annual Sugar Shooting Tournament.