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Atlantico Rum is a spirit that makes its appearance at many Casa de Campo events. It launched in 2009 as the Dominican Republic’s first super premium rum, and has recently sponsored the Marc Anthony concert, the Sugar Golf Tournament, and the MIR Fashion Show. As a staple here in our community, it calls Casa de Campo home. With three rum expressions: Atlantico Platino, Atlantico Reserva, and Atlantico Private Cask, the brand differentiates its blends and target customer. We reached out to Aleco Azqueta, Co-founder of Atlantico Rum to get the details on what makes this spirit so irresistible and the process behind its creation.

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We know Atlantico Rum is a craft spirit – tell us how the craft rum elaboration leads to a special and different kind of rum to the ones consumers are most used to.

Unlike most rums that are produced in an industrial way, Atlantico Rum is a handcrafted rum that is batch produced. Special care and attention is given to every bottle of Atlantico Rums and only the finest ingredients are used in our blend. Atlantico Rum is Solera Aged in the Dominican Republic. For a proper solera aging process, barrels of rum of different ages are stacked on top of each other, the oldest on the bottom, and the youngest on the top. When it is time to bottle, only a small percentage of the bottom (the oldest) barrels’ volume will be used. The empty space created by this drawing-off will be filled with rum from the level above, and those barrels will be filled with the level above them, and onwards and upwards, while the barrels on the top level will be topped up with new rum.The solera process is a very complex way of aging rum. We choose to use this method because it is the best way to ensure consistency and account for the evaporation in the Dominican Republic. For example in Scotland you may have 2% evaporation, what is known as the “angels share”. In The Dominican Republic you can have up to 10% evaporation every year. We go to great lengths to make sure that each experience you have with Atlantico is as rewarding as the one before. Only when we feel that the rums have reached their perfect level of maturity do we remove them from the barrels and bottle them by hand. We oversee each bottling and inspect every bottle before it is deemed worthy to called Atlantico. Atlantico Rum won the prestigious Best Solera Rum at the London Rum Festival, the world’s largest rum competition.

Tell us about the ideal drinker of Atlantico? What does your target Atlantico consumer like to do in his or her spare time? What kind of cocktails do they drink? What kind of lifestyle do they have?

The Atlantico Rum drinker is one that is open to new experiences and trying new things. He or she does not follow trends but starts his/her own. They enjoy an Atlantico hand shaken daiquiri or an Atlantico Private Cask on the rocks. Our drinker enjoys life to the fullest whether participating in sports or culinary experiences.

How would you describe Atlantico to someone who has never tried it before?

Atlantico Rum has won every major spirits award and is considered one of the top rums in the world, including Gold Medals at the San Francisco Spirits Competition and Best in Show at the Berlin Rum Festival. That being said it is up to the individual to discover Atlantico for him or herself and have their own experience with Atlantico. Our rums are a blend of both Agricole and Molasses based distillates. Our Platino Rum is finished in Spanish Tempranillo barrels and our Reserva is Solera aged 15 years old while Private Cask has Solera rums that are older than 20 years. All of this attention to detail and refusal to cut corners leads to a rum that is perfectly balances and incredibly smooth.

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You are known to have worked with brand ambassadors like Enrique Iglesias. What other ambassadors love Atlantico and are quick to point it out?

In addition to Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, LeBron James, Frankie J, and Nicky Jam, are all fans of Atlantico Rum. We were also excited to have sponsored the Marc Anthony concert in Casa de Campo.

Do you have any brand expansions planned for Atlantico?

Currently we have three expressions of Atlantico Rum: Atlantico Platino, Atlantico Reserva, and Atlantico Private Cask. We are currently working on different Cask finishes for Atlantico. A limited edition of Atlantico Reserva finished in Cognac barrels will be available soon.

Are there any emerging markets that have surprised you?

Yes, Germany has been a great market for us as well as the Czech Republic. We did not anticipate the success we are having there. Las Vegas has also been fantastic. Atlantico is the house rum of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and is available throughout the MGM and Caesar’s properties.

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How has the Casa de Campo community received Atlantico?

I see Casa de Campo as the home of Atlantico. The whole concept started as creating an artisanal house rum for the discerning Casa de Campo community. The response has been excellent and for those that have not yet tried Atlantico I encourage them to go to the Nacional at the Marina or try the Chef’s Old Fashion at Pubbelly.

Do you have signature cocktail or a drink you enjoy most with Atlantico?

With Atlantico Platino I enjoy a hand shaken daiquiri, with Atlantico Reserva an Old Fashion, and with Atlantico Private Cask I enjoy it simply on the rocks.

Do you think rum is meant to be the new “bourbon, scotch or cognac”?

I really do. The process of making rum is just as elaborate and in the Dominican Republic there is a 500 year history of making rum. The Dominican Republic should be to rum what the US is to Bourbon, Scotland is to Scotch, and France is to Cognac.

Fundación MIR is a family affair for yours… and we know Rum Atlántico is committed to supporting the foundation as well. Tell us why giving back is important to you and to the brand.

I am very proud of the work that my mother, Lian Fanjul de Azqueta and sister, Lyanne Azqueta do with the MIR foundation. Their work has touched many lives by providing hope and opportunity to those in need. It is a privilege to be able to support MIR by doing our small part in donating Atlantico for MIR fundraising events. MIR puts on some of the most fantastic events in Casa de Campo with the ultimate goal of raising money to continue to do the important work of the foundation. These fabulous events are quite costly to put on so if they are able to offset some costs it allows them to raise more funds to assist those in need. I know how appreciative MIR is not just of Atlantico Rum, but the generosity and support of the entire Casa de Campo community.

Where can Casa de Campo residents and visitors find Atlantico (bars and for purchase at establishments)?

Hopefully everywhere! Minitas, Le Cirque, Pubbelly, SBG, and La Caña are all great venues to try Atlantico. Atlantico is also available for sale at the Nacional in the Marina or in the airport Duty Free.

Look out for Atlantico Rum at top events!

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Ron Atlantico Rum

Private Cask

The ultimate expression of ATLANTICO, this rare rum was carefully created to reflect the heritage and craftsmanship of centuries of rum masters.Winner of countless awards and widely considered one of the finest rums in the world, it is a blend of small batched rums aged up to 25 years. Simply pour it into a glass and experience it on its own.


This Solera style rum uses different aged rums that were carefully selected and blended together by our third generation Master Blender. The result is a vibrant rum with intense flavor and depth that can be best enjoyed neat or with a cube of ice.


This handcrafted rum is a blend or fresh cane juice based rums and molasses based rums. The unique combination results in an incredibly smooth and flavorful light rum than can easily be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail.