sala de cuna hogar del nino

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sala de cuna hogar del nino

The “Infant Room” at the Hogar del Niño, filled with row after row of white wooden cribs and more than 200 tiny babies, is a very special place. 

Candida Montilla de Medina

It’s a place where an army of trained nannies care for these babies from 5:30am to 7pm, bathing them twice a day and feeding them 3 or 4 times – with the milk donated at the monthly Cafe de La Leche events.

Its a place where hope takes its first tiny footsteps… with years of excellent education ahead of them at the Hogar del Niño, these babies represent a brighter, better future not only for themselves, but for generations to come.

But all this comes at a cost. A cost which is largely covered by the Hogar del Niño’s “Adopt A Crib” donation program. Founded in 1998 by Casa de Campo villa owner Phyllis Berney, Adopt A Crib has become one of the Hogar del Niño’s primary sources of income, “helping us enormously in developing the Hogar into what today is the most complete integrated educational center in the Dominican Republic”, explained Xiomara Matos, president of the cause.

So would you like to Adopt A Crib? Adopting a crib requires a minimum donation of US$1,000 per year, a sum which when multiplied by the literally hundreds of generous, caring and giving Casa de Campo villa owners who fill our community, is the money that allows the Hogar to cover not only its day to day expenses of running a school and daycare center for more than 1500 children, but also to keep investing and growing with new programs and initiatives.

If you would like to help, please contact the Hogar del Niño today at (809) 523-8901 / (809) 556-3181, 

The Adopt a Crib dinner

Hosted each year by Xiomara Menéndez, the founder of the Patronato Benefico Oriental (umbrella organisation to the Hogar del Niño) with her husband Ramon Menéndez, the “Adopt a Crib” dinner is an exclusive occasion to thank the generous Casa de Campo residents and villa owners who support the “Adopt a Crib” program.

This year the dinner will be celebrated this Saturday the 22nd of February – so adopt a crib today and we hope to see you there!

Adopt A Crib dinner 2013

ramon menendez

There can be no doubt that Xiomara Menéndez is one of Casa de Campo’s great ladies – and a fabulous hostess. The dinner had been staged over the pool glowing in red, blue and purple lights with small white origami birds creating an illusion of “flying” across the night sky. Bravo to Xiomara and the team of Tres Eventos!

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