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Christmas has arrived, so have you decided where to celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve? Chinois restaurant is a great option! We can not deny that Chinese cuisine is part of our meals, for these holidays if you are a lover of this type of food at your table you can not miss a delicious and crispy Peking Lacquered Duck, or Pekingese Duck (in simplified Chinese, 北京 烤鸭; in traditional Chinese, 北京 烤鴨; pinyin, Běijīng kǎo yā).

This is one of the most internationally known dishes of Chinese cuisine. Its origin dates back to the imperial era and, at present, it has become one of the Chinese dishes that arouses most interest in Chinese restaurants in Western countries. It is originally from the capital of China, Beijing, although it is a typical dish of cuisine from all over the northeast of the country. What is most appreciated in this recipe of the most traditional Chinese cuisine is the crispy skin.

For this dish to have the ideal flavor and texture, a duck is used, which is specially primed, which must have an average weight of 3.2 kg at 11 weeks of age, which is the perfect ripening age for cooking.

It is a fantastic dish for traditional Christmas dinner or any festive event since it is eaten at a temperature and can be eaten with the hands, like a burrito, it has an exquisite flavor that will remain in the memory of each person who tries it.

Chinois restaurant has available three exquisite times prepared with this delight; Peking Duck Crepes (duck slices with leek and cucumber), Sautéed Duck in Ginger, Leek and Onion (in a potato basket accompanied with white rice) and Peking Duck Soup. Find below the restaurant contact information and call ahead to make your reservations. Merry Christmas!


Where: Calle Duarte, Restauración Street Corner, La Romana

Hours: 12pm – 11pm (open for lunch and dinner)

Tel: (809) 550-5977 , (809) 307-2729