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5 foods to put on your face

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banana (1)Spending money on expensive skin treatment products almost seems like a necessity as we get older.

Unfortunately a lot of the ‘best’ products are filled with chemicals and toxins that can cause more harm than good in the long run. Instead try opening your fridge and putting some of these foods on your face!


This powerful fruit is used in so many expensive facial treatments because the natural enzymes help slough off dead skin. Use this as a gentle alternative to a scrub on a clean face.


All you have to do is mush them up, rub them onto your face and leave them on as a mask for a while. They’re chock full of antioxidants and will give you a bright complexion. Remember to go organic since strawberries are one of the most heavily sprayed crops and you don’t want pesticides on your pretty face!


Baking Soda

This is probably the best scrub you can find. On a clean, wet face scrub a little bit of baking soda onto your face for a natural and effective version of microdermabrasion.


A powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial it is great for acne prone skin. All you need to do is slather it on and leave it on for as long as you like then rinse with water. For the best benefits try using raw, organic honey.


Now you have a great use for the browning banana sitting on your countertop! They make great exfoliators and if you mix it with a little
facial mask that can brighten a dull complexion.

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