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From the 23rd to the 28th of April, J. Pepe Fanjul hosted the 26th annual Sugar Shooting Tournament at the Casa de Campo resort. 

The “Sugar” tournaments; the Sugar Golf Tournament hosted by Alfy Fanjul and the Sugar Shooting Tournament hosted by Pepe Fanjul, are in fact not only a great time for the participants involved but also have a charitable aspect – with money (some US$20,000) raised for the Fundación MIR and the Hogar del Niño charities both based in La Romana and focussing on providing local children with the best possible education. In fact in 1990, when Alfy Fanjul won the Sugar Golf Tournament he donated his prize money to his sister Lian Fanjul de Azqueta who used it to found the Casa La Paz – now the Fundación MIR.

This year, 37 shooting enthusiasts from across the globe (the United States, the UK and even Australia) accompanied by their family and friends took part in the 6 day event which took place at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center  and Rancho Peligro, a shooting facility which J. Pepe himself describes as one of the best in the world.

The Sugar Shooting Tournament consists of numerous different shooting tournaments; Live Pigeon Shoot, the Colombaire and the Sporting Clays, as well as the European Style Driven Bird Shoot. At the end of the event, on Saturday April 27th, the winners of the individual tournaments were presented with trophies, whilst 2 further awards were given to the winner of the High Overall “GUBELMANN CUP”, won by Andres Fanjul and the High Overall Cup, awarded to Lawrence Berry. 

Bringing together not only some of the world’s most talented shooters, as well as the world’s most successful and talented businessmen and women, the Sugar Shooting Tournament, just like the Sugar Golf Tournament is a remarkable event.

The following is an overview of the entire event:

Welcome Dinner at the Casa de Campo Yacht Club

On Thursday evening the 25th of April, the official Welcome Dinner of the event was held at the Casa de Campo Yacht Club in the Marina Casa de Campo.

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The European Style Driven Bird Shoot at Rancho Peligro

Rancho Peligro is a beautiful wilderness reserve owned by the Central Romana Corporation (who also owns Casa de Campo) and is less than an hour’s drive outside of Casa de Campo, or mere minutes if you fly in by helicopter as the shooters of the Sugar Shooting Tournament did.

The European Style Driven Bird Shoot took place over 5 days, with the competitors taking part in 3 drives with the release of approximately 1,000 birds (pheasant and partridge.)

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The Live Pigeon Shoot

The live pigeon shoot took place at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center, where they have 2 pigeon rings and was a thrilling event to watch, with the birds released from boxes just 30 meters from the shooter.

The “100 pigeons” contest, so called because the shooters taking part shot 100 pigeons in batches of 25 (otherwise reffered to as “25 bird strings”) to achieve a high score out of 100 – with the most skilled shooters boasting scores of more than 85 and the record for the course being 96 out of 100 shot by Pepe Fanjul himself in July 1999.

Sporting Clays 

The Sporting Clays section of the tournament took place over 2 days, with the competitors shooting 200 targets in total (100 per day) at 10 different shooting points which make up the entire circuit. At every stop the shooters encountered different challenges, with the clays appearing from different directions and at different speeds.


The Colombaire is arguably the most thrilling (and certainly the scariest to watch) of all the contests, with the birds launched into the air by hand to be shot down by the competitors.

Dinner and prize-giving at Casa Grande

The finale of the 26th annual Casa de Campo Sugar Shooting Tournament was the dinner and prize-giving hosted by Pepe and Emilia Fanjul at Casa Grande, where the competitors of the tournament and their guests enjoyed a delicious dinner under the stars and the winners were awarded their trophies.

This year the winner of the Gubelmann Cup (the overall winner of the Casa de Campo Sugar Shooting Tournament) was Andres Fanjul (for the 2nd consecutive year) – pictured above with friends.

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Congratulations to Shaun Snell, director of shooting for Casa de Campo and the entire team at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center for organizing such an impressive event.