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36th Casa de Campo Tennis Tournament won by Andrés Bernal

Casa de Campo Tennis Tournament champion Andres Bernal

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Casa de Campo Tennis Tournament champion Andres BernalThe 36th annual Casa de Campo Tennis Tournament was inaugurated last Thursday the 29th of August with a inaugural swing made by Peter Bonell, Casa de Campo’s Chief Marketing Officer, following which the tournament’s more than 150 competitors battled it out at the La Terraza Tennis Club, with the finals played on Sunday the 1st of September.

Casa de Campo Tennis TournamentLast year won by Spaniard, Alberto Castaño, this year Dominican Andrés Bernal playing in the Open category was crowned the champion of the 36th Casa de Campo Tennis Tournament – the Dominican Republic’s longest running tennis tournament. Competing against Pedro Nolasco, La Terraza’s most formidable tennis player, 3-time winner of the Rick McDaniel Teaching Pro’s Tennis Tournament and the #4 ranked tennis player in the Dominican Republic (2012), Bernal faced fierce competition for the trophy, but in the end soared to victory over Nolasco with a score of 4-6, 6-3 and 10-4.

In addition to the opening ceremony which took place on Thursday evening with the participation of Vincenzo Mastrolilli, the tournament’s founder, a dinner was also celebrated at the La Terraza Tennis Club on the Saturday evening and the prize-giving ceremony on Sunday after the finals.



                           Dinner at the La Terraza Tennis Club, Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo Tennis Tournament

During the prize-giving ceremony, Daniel Hernandez, manager of the Casa de Campo hotel participated alongside Emilio Vasquez, Casa de Campo director of tennis in giving out the trophies, as well as a special plaque presented to the family of Juan José Álvarez, received by his brother Mario.

Competing in the 36th Casa de Campo Tennis Tournament, dedicated to the memory of great Dominican tennis player Juan José Álvarez, were players from all around the world; Puerto Rico, Aruba, Curazao, Bonaire, Venezuela and United States, and of course, the Dominican Republic! Also taking part for the 36th consecutive year was Casa de Campo villa owner Antonio Esteban.

Emilio Vasquez, Mario Álvarez and Daniel Hernandez
Juan José Álvarez

The following collection of photos were taken during the dinner and priz-giving ceremony of the 36th annual Casa de Campo Tennis Tournament at the La Terraza Tennis Club in Casa de Campo:

36th Casa de Campo Tennis Tournament: Results

C-1 female
Champion: Natalia Moll (VEN)
Runner-up:Adriana Amaro (RD)

C-2 female
Champio: Esther Peñaló (RD)
Runner-up: Denisse Feliz (RD)

C-3, under 21 female
Champion: Marisol Pérez
Runner-up: Joanne Ramos (PR)

C-3, under 40 female
Champion: Margarita Camacho (RD)
Runner-up: Sonia Lantigua (PR)

Open male
Champion: Ándres Bernal (RD)
Runner-up: Pedro Nolasco (RD)

B under 35 male
Champion: Julio Ávila (RD)
Runner-up: Mario Álvarez (RD)

C-1 under 21 male
Champion: Máximo Gennatiempo
Runner-up: Manolo Pérez

C-1 under 40 años male
Champion: Fernando Salcedo
Runner-up: Alberto Muñoz

C-2 under 21 años male

Champion: Francisco Caraballo
Runner-up: Rubén Santana

C-2 under 40 male

Champion: Iván Saldivia
Runner-up: José Carlos de Dios

C-2 under 60 male
Champion: Augusto de la Cruz
Runner-up: José Roques

C-3 under 21 male
Champion: Pedro Mercedes
Runner-up: Jeancarlo Rodríguez

C-3 under 40 male
Champion: Roberto Maltés
Runner-up: Filippo Chiaramida

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