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10 Things a Cigar Aficionado Would Never Do

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As we’re kicking back and enjoying the luxuries of fine dining and expertly crafted cigars at the Davidoff Tour Gastronomique Art & Gourmet Weekend, and looking ahead to the Procigar Festival 2016 that begins next week,  there’s no better time to talk about cigars than now!

In Ruben Gonzalez’s sequel to 10 Cigar Tips from Cigar Country Stores, he brings us 10 things a cigar aficionado would never do. Are you a cigar enthusiast already? Or are you just developing your appetite? In either case, take a hand from the pros and never commit these cigar faux-pas:

  1. Dip cigar butt in a drink.
  1. Smoke in undesignated areas.
  1. Share a cigar with someone. Unless that someone is a beautiful female.
  1. Turn out a cigar in an ashtray. Just let it turn off by itself.
  1. Claim that the best cigars are the most expensive ones.
  1. Over pay for a good smoke.
  1. Buy cigars that are not well kept.
  1. Say that Cubans are the best.
  1. Not defend your right to smoke.
  1. Use a candle to light up.

— Ruben Gonzalez, Founder of Cigar Country Stores

So as you’re in search of the perfect cigar,  I know I always am, head on over to Cigar Country Stores for a broad selection. They have great varieties and a very helpful staff. Your preferred choice of cigar is a very individual experience.

The Procigar Festival 2016 begins February 21st through the 26th, and is a great communication platform between producers, retailers, and consumers. More cigar goodies are coming your way, so stay tuned for all the insider details!

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