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10 Cigar Tips from Cigar Country Stores

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Casa de Campo cigarsThe majority of our Casa de Campo-ers love to enjoy a fine cigar, or two. Which is why we delightfully catch them with one in hand at events, like Night for the Kids, for example. But what are some things we might not know about cigars?

In order to learn more, we reached out to Rubén González, Founder of Cigar Country Stores, and he shared with us some insider tips about cigars for beginners. Here’s what he has to say…

10 Cigar Tips from Cigar Country Stores:

1. “Which is the best cigar in the world?” If I had a penny for each time I get asked this question… Cigars are like wine. There are so many to choose from! And, like wine, the best one is the one you like the most. Not what someone else tells you. So smoke away and figure out which ones suits you. Shameless plug: Try Matilde, Montecristo, La Flor Dominicana, Romeo y Julieta and VegaFina.

2. The Dominican Republic has been the largest premium cigar producing country in the world for the last 3 decades.

3. A dark wrapper doesn’t make a cigar full bodied or stronger.

4. Does more expensive mean better quality? A great premium cigar should cost you between US$6 and US$15. If you pay anything above US$15, then you are paying for packaging and marketing. I don’t pay more than US$15 for a cigar.

5. The setting is a huge part of the smoking experience. Cool temperature, shade, nice view, comfortable chair and great company. You can’t go wrong.

6. If it seems too good to be true… It is too good to be true. You will never purchase good quality/original cigars from a street or beach vendor for US$20 a box. Stick to reputable cigar stores. Shameless plug: Come to Cigar Country Stores in La Estancia – (809) 550-3000.

7. My general rule for picking a cigar strength: If you are into strong flavors like whisky, cabernet sauvignon, and red meat, you will probably enjoy fuller bodied cigars.

8. Most master cigar makers prepare their blends to the corona size. Which means if you want to enjoy a cigar the way it was originally conceived, stick to this size.

9. Good cigar manufacturers all have access to the same quality tobacco. What differentiates one manufacturer’s cigars from the other’s is how they ferment, age and blend these tobaccos.

10. Numbers to remember: 70/70 climate to store cigars 70 degrees F and 70% humidity

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Visit the Cigar Country Stores today to view their array of products and enjoy selecting your own cigar. Cigar Country Stores is pretty awesome because not only are they the leading premium cigar retailer in the Dominican Republic, they also provide services to personalize cigars for special occasions, including weddings, child-births, birthdays, graduations & holidays!

Rubén González will be a contributing author in the weeks to come with more tips to refine your knowledge and skill set of cigars so you can smoke with the best of them. Enjoy!

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