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It is no secret to anyone that in recent months due to the global pandemic, families have had to refrain from going out and doing certain recreational activities, much less those considered “extreme” since the adventure parks were temporarily closed; but today, these parks have reopened their doors to the public, taking all hygiene and safety measures.

It is time to let loose and let go of some of the adrenaline due to all those months of inactivity… And what better way than going zip lining with the whole family!? Wisdom Travel wants to invite you to do internal tourism through an activity full of challenges and physical activity, that surely your children are going to love!

A zip line, canopy, or cable are some of the terms used to define this sport, which consists of a pulley suspended by cables mounted on a slope or incline. They are designed so that one or more people are driven by gravity and can slide from top to bottom by means of a cable, usually stainless steel.

This park consists of 18 platforms and 12 zip lines, installed by one of the most experienced builders in Costa Rica and certified by the ACCT (Association for Challenge Courses Technology). It is one of the largest zip line circuits, and it has the longest cable in the Caribbean, one of these reaching up to 800 meters away, located in the Anamuya mountain range, you can enjoy its dazzling landscapes and its rural area from new heights. . 

The expert guides will teach you everything related to the equipment and the excursion. Then, fixed to the double line cables with mountaineering equipment you just need to jump and enjoy the trip. It takes about 1 hour – 1 hour and a half to complete the circuit of all platforms and zip lines. Do not worry, the first cables are not very long or fast so that you are able to enjoy them safely and with confidence.

Once you get up to cable # 6 you can reach a speed of up to 55 km/h, cable # 9 is the highest and cable # 11 is the only parallel cable in the country with 800 meters long! Also during the circuit, you can visit the coconut house to sample fresh organic products and see how coconut oil is made.

Dare and go out for the weekend or start your vacation with extreme activities that will unite your family in a fun way creating memories for a lifetime, let the adventure begin!

* Photos taken pre-pandemic courtesy of Wisdom Travel, for more information about the excursion click here

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