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Starting from this Friday the 5th of November the Safari Club at the Casa de Campo Shooting Centre will once more be opening it’s doors with a special “Zafari” menu ,with an impressive variety of ‘wild’ and unusual foods, such as crocodile, quail, ostrich, frogs legs and more! This is your chance to try something TOTALLY different and experience a meal unlike any you can experience anywhere else in Casa de Campo, La Romana or even the whole of the Dominican Republic! I’m especially excited to try some Buffalo Tenderloin or maybe some roasted Wild Boar leg as well maybe an ‘Elephants Ear’ cocktail (with Amarula – an alcoholic berry Elephants like, not an actual elephant’s ear!) The menu will be served in 2 seatings; one starting at 8pm and the other starting at 9pm, this weekend on Friday the 5th, Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of November. Reservations Required: EXT 3165/3166 For those of you who are excited about a little wild meat here is the full menu: If you are having problems reading the above menu, click on the small image of the menu below, to view an enlarged version: NOTE: The special “Zafari” menu will only be served on certain special dates and NOT every weekend, the dates can be found at the bottom of the menu below.