"El Ciudadano" by Yuly Monción

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The Gallery in Altos de Chavón is our go-to place when we want to see some spectacular artwork and meet new artists. Throughout the year they host various exhibitions with local and international artists, giving us an insight into each artists’ individual thinking at the time of  their creations. Recently The Gallery presented the exhibition, “El Ciudadano” (The Citizen) by Yuly Monción.

The Casa de Campo community, and the Chavón School of Design faculty and students, all came together on Thursday, February 2nd to see this new exhibition consisting of 30 works of mixed media in small and large formats. The title “El Ciudadano” (The Citizen), points to a world that, having abolished communication barriers thanks to technology, makes us feel like we are citizens wherever we are.

Where did your inspiration for “The Citizen” come from?

I was inspired by the environment that surrounds me, our everyday lives and what we do. We are all citizens of the world. You, me, all of us…

Which of the pieces in the exhibition is the one that most speaks to you?

All of them. Especially the series, Tejamaní. Arriving in Haiti in 2000, I saw houses with pictographs with voodoo motifs. In 2004, I participated in an art contest at E. L. Jiménez in Santiago and I used this experience as my theme. With all that motivation and experience from my trip, I won honorable mention.

Did the collection take very long to complete, or is it a compilation of several years work?

It’s rather a small retrospective. A compilation of several years more like a small anthology between large and small formats.

What specifically do you wish to convey with your works?

What I feel. What I am. As Alejo Carpentier would say, “The Marvelous Realness of the Caribbean.” Here we have art in all its forms with various themes. A reality that seems magical; just as he describes it.

If your work could speak, what do you think it would say about you?

The things that impress me, what moves me. Upon waking up, I see the sea, the cargo ships, the vendors — all of it is a daily inspiration for me and my work describes just that.

What artistic movements are reflected in your paintings?

None. I do not have a marked style. None in particular…

How did your time in Cuba influence your work?

Positively. Having the opportunity to get in touch and meet with Russian painters, expressionists, and my Cuban teachers back in 1994 was an amazing experience. They used to tell me, do not paint, just look.

Moncion’s exhibition will remain open to the public until March 6th so take the time to visit these remarkable works if you still haven’t done so already.

The following photos were taken by Laura Perdomo during the opening cocktail of the “El Ciudadano” exhibition, on Thursday, February 2nd:

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The Citizen at The Gallery

The exhibition will remain open to the public until March 6th

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